392 Cafe Vs Starbucks Essay

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392 Cafe vs. Starbucks
Payson loves coffee but decided she would try two different businesses coffee. The two businesses were 392 Cafe and Starbucks. Payson loved 392 Cafe because of their coffee, bakery, smoothies, the work setting, and the workers personalities. She has not gone back to Starbucks due to her enjoyable experience at 392. The bubbly personalities marked a spot in her loving heart that no other coffee shop can compare too. She loves doing her homework there because it is so relaxing. Payson loves seeing people walk in with huge grins on their face. 392 Cafe is such a positive atmosphere. Of course the coffee is stellar. Starting out as an anti-coffee person because of terrible experiences, she loves 392’s coffee. It just has the perfect mixture. It is not too black, but not too creamy either. Although many coffee lovers will argue that Starbucks is better than 392 Cafe, further investigation proves that 392 Cafe is better according to the surrounding area testers.
One of the reasons someone would choose 392 Cafe over Starbucks would be because of the coffee quality. Some people would argue that Starbucks coffee is really dark and black. Dark coffee leaves a really bad after taste for some people. At 392 Cafe, the coffee is more of a creamy. Creamy coffee does not taste as bitter to most people. Jessica says, “392 Cafe’s coffee is the perfect temperature and at Starbucks the coffee tends to scald your tongue.” The quality of the temperature of the coffee at 392 is perfect for people to drink it right away when it is fresh. Starbucks coffee tends to take longer to drink because of the scalding temperatures. Because it takes longer to drink, it is not as fresh when people are taking their last gulp. In result, 392 Cafe’s coffee quality is better than Starbucks. Coffee. Quality is not the only thing that makes 392 Cafe better than Starbucks, their bakery is better too.
Some may argue that Starbucks has a huge selection when it comes to baked goods, but 392 Cafe is more creative when it comes to the baked goods. On the Starbucks menu they have: bagels, cookies, bread, cake, buns, scones, donuts, croissants, danishes, and brownies. 392 on the other hand is more creative and has: Reeses peanut butter cupcakes (other flavors too), rainbow cake, giant cookies, and they will make anything people request. 392 has not failed many people with their baked goods. Most people love every single one of their baked goods. Starbucks on the other hand has some unique baked goods that some people may not like. Payson does not like Starbucks baked goods because they are not ever fresh in her opinion. Aneta says, “392 Cafes bakery goods are always fresh, they normally make the baked goods the day they sell them. They will never let anyone have a bad experience with the taste of their food. 392 is most people’s opinion has a better bakery than Starbucks, but in some people’s opinions the competition does not end there.
The next competition that 392...

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