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Right now, thousands of women face a life changing decision, whether to follow through with a pregnancy or going through the process of abortion. An abortion is the process of removing an unborn offspring, known as a fetus, from the woman’s uterus in order to terminate the pregnancy. The confrontational topic is divided between the views of pro-life and pro-choice. Advocates for pro-life strongly believe that the unborn baby should be protected. Whereas, pro-choice supporters believe the decision of what happens to the unborn baby is completely a right of the woman. After analyzing the bioethical implications of abortion, through the legal verses illegal and choice verses life stances, one will perceive that laws should be governed in support of pro-choice across the nation.
It is essential for today’s society to have knowledge on all the potential options for abortion. There are two types of abortion, medical abortion and surgical abortion. Medical abortions involve the woman taking medications or pills to result in an early miscarriage. Within the first 9 weeks the woman only feels a heavy and/or painful period after the abortion, but if after 9 weeks it “involves taking medicines to cause the womb to contract and push out the pregnancy; from 22 weeks on an injection to womb is also required” (What is an Abortion?). A sometimes-common pill taken is “the morning after pill.” This is for emergency purposes; if one has unprotected sex, taking this pill may prevent pregnancy. A surgical abortion is physically removing the fetus. The Vacuum Aspiration procedure can be done within the first 15 weeks of pregnancy and is “removing pregnancy by gentle suction and can be done awake or asleep” (What is an Abortion?). The Dilation and Evacuation procedure occurs between 15 and 24 weeks; the “doctor will remove pregnancy using narrow forceps passed through the neck of the womb, carried out not under general anesthetic (asleep)” (What is an Abortion?). No matter the type of abortion, a woman must not only weigh the safety risks but the views of the public as well.
Since the founding of the nation, Americans have had split views on abortion. During the 19th century, herbal remedies and many other methods were done in the private home of the woman to abort the unborn baby. “The Supreme Court’s ruling in Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965 established a right of privacy for the use of birth control and set a precedent” (ProQuest Staff, Topic Overview: Abortion). The Griswold v. Connecticut case was initiated because the use of contraceptives was prohibited according to Connecticut law. The Supreme Court overturned the law because it violated the right to privacy that is protected under the Constitution. This case was just the beginning. “In 1973, Roe v. Wade legalized abortion under the fourteenth Amendment’s right to privacy provision” (ProQuest Staff, Topic Overview: Abortion). The Supreme Court had to make a decision based on the idea of two rights in one...

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