A Comparison Of Guido And Dora Orefice

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The characters of Guido and Dora Orefice, from the Italian film “Life is Beautiful” have many differences in their personalities and backgrounds but are very similar in some important ways. They are both strong-willed, independent, and have strong family values. Guido is a Jewish man, who is presumably poor because the beginning of the film deals with him attempting to find a job. He eventually finds one as a waiter, which suits his personality because he is the type of person that always wants to please others and make them happy. Despite the prejudice he receives for being Jewish he is a very happy and good-humored person. Dora on the other hand, grew up in very different circumstances. She is not Jewish, probably Christian, and is from a fairly wealthy family. She is already engaged to another man, the man who refused Guido a job after he accidentally dropped eggs on his head. She is a somewhat reserved teacher and seems to be a very responsible, well-behaved, and compliant woman, until she meets Guido that is. Guido falls in love with her immediately when he meets her. Dora doesn’t appear to fall in love as instantaneously as Guido does but she eventually fall for him and she asks him to take her away. They leave her engagement party together on horseback in front of her whole family.
As a result of her leaving the other man for an “undesirable”, Dora is ostracized by her entire family. In their minds she has shamed them for marrying a Jewish man. However, she goes on to live her own life with Guido and they have a son together named Joshua. Everything is going well for them until they get taken to a concentration camp. They both suffer through a lot throughout the film but Guido however has the added pressure of taking care of their child; Dora is only responsible for looking after herself although she definitely does not have it any easier. She is left to worry about them because she has no real way of knowing whether or not they are still alive. They have no real way to keep in contact with each other, the only time they have any form of contact is when Guido manages to get ahold of a Nazi’s radio to speak to her over the loud speaker, which is extremely dangerous and could easily get him killed. This is a good example of how in love they are. They all obviously care for each other and do whatever they can in their power to keep each other safe.
The film begins in 1939. Mussolini had started the National Fascist Party in 1921 and went on until 1943 when it became known as the Republican Fascist Party, which only lasted until 1943 when Mussolini was executed. (Ryan 1) They are taken to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, which is a labor camp rather than a death camp although many people did die while there. (Billib, Knoch and Pechel). Actually, the film was inspired by the writer, director, and star, Roberto Benigni’s father being held in the real Bergen-Belsen concentration camp for three years. (Michailidis)This is presumably the same...

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