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Taking a photograph of myself that signified something of what it means for me personally and maybe other students like me to be a university student today does more than just record a moment in my life. It shows the world what I care the most about. There are some people who agree with me but that doesn't mean that everyone in the world have the same idea of what it means to be a university student today but in my opinion it means hanging out with your good friends and doing things together.
In my picture you see only the upper half of three different young women standing next to one another. The first girl is standing on the far left side of the picture. She is wearing a translucent chocolate brown shirt, it's sleeves reaching down to her elbows, three slim bracelets resting on both her wrists. A tan colored scarf with dark brown skulls printed randomly all over is wrapped loosely around her neck, she is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a tan/off white pair of soludos shoes. She is also carrying a light blue purse which is hanging around her torso. The girl is positioned closer to the camera. She is turned where her right arm is fully seen while her left arm is only somewhat visible, her entire right leg is also seen completely while her left leg is still somewhat visible as well. Her head is turned towards the audience. This girl has a deep chocolate brown hair and it is somewhat wavy and reaches just below her shoulders. She is smiling with her teeth showing and her eyes are looking towards the viewer.
The second girl is positioned on the far right edge of the picture. She is wearing a dark gray shirt with the words “BLEED BLACK &GOLD” and a small griffon is printed below the words. Everything printed on the shirt is in gold except for the line of the first “B” and the lines underlining the words which is all in white. The line of the “B” and the half circles creating the “B” also create a 13 which stands for the year 2013 and these shirts were received during Griffon edge. The young woman is also wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of black flats upon her feet. She is also carrying a navy blue and white stripped purse with a light brown strap. Her hair is also a brown color but lighter than the first girls. She is also turned slightly on the top step just light the first young lady. Her entire left arm is visible but there is no sign of the right arm. She has her feet right next to each other and is tilting her head slightly. She is smiling with her mouth closed and she is also looking towards the viewer.
Finally there is the third girl, me, who is positioned in between the two girls and it looks like I'm coming up behind the other two girls. At first glance I look shorter than the other two girls but then when looking closer to the picture you see that I am standing on a step lower than the others and have only my left foot level with the other girls. I also have my arms placed on the other young ladies backs. I'm wearing a...

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