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Aspen Skiing Company is being drawn into a risky alliance with Greenpeace led “Kleercut” about boycotting Kimberly-Clark industries. This report will focus on the major stakeholders involved in this case and my personal action plans to help avoided a negative backlashing from the environmental groups and the public.
What is a stakeholder? Business Today defined Stakeholder as “A person, group or organization that has interest or concern about an organization.” (Businessdictionary.com paragraph 1) In this case, the key stakeholders are Aspen Skiing Company and Kimberly-Clark industries. The boycott was about how Kimberley-Clark industries engaged in sub-stranded environmental practices. ...view middle of the document...

I’ve come up with one proposal that will hopefully draw interest from other corporation and inform the public.
My plan included cutting back on Kimberley-Clark products. This will be a three year plan. The head of Aspen Skiing Company will write an official letter to the board of governors at Kimberly-Clark Corporation.
The document will explain our goals at helping to create a more environment friendly atmospheres and start using recycle products. Furthermore, we will discuss our feeling toward the company cutting down the Canadian Natural Forest. We will states the reason why, we will reduce our order each year with the company. Each year, Aspen Company will reduce their order by 10,000 dollars and look for other companies to fill our products.
The second step includes full media bliss in all the Ski states newspaper across the United States and Canada. The article will cover our concerns and feeling toward the Kimberly-Clark problem and reducing our contact with the company. A project net loss of the company product will by 10,000 each year. If they continue their destruction of the natural forest, we will cut their contact. Over a three year...

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