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David Ives really experiments with repetition throughout all of his plays. Two examples of these plays would be Words, Words, Words and Sure Thing Form his collection of plays called All in the Timing. There are many different examples of repetition in each play. Ives repeats one certain thing and makes this repetition mean many different things. In Sure Thing there is the repetition of the bell, which represent how we tend to make snap judgments on people, and how we all strive for perfection. He also uses the repetition of the words sure thing to represent how nothing in life can really be considered a sure thing. In contrast in Words, Words, Words Ives uses the repetition of the Monkey’s typing to represent how sometimes luck gets us to where we need to be. Ives also uses the repetition of Milton exhibiting typical Monkey behavior to show how we can repetition as a form of manipulation

The bell rings twenty-eight times in Sure Thing. Every time Bill says something that Betty does not find desirable the bell will ring and Bill gets another chance to woo her. Ives uses the repetition of the bell ringing to show how we as humans make snap judgments on people. As soon as we learn one fact about a person we base everything they say on that one fact and that it is very hard to come back from a bad first impression. Bill’s ability to gage Betty’s reaction allows him to manipulate her to make himself seem more desirable. This results in him succeeding and them leaving together. Ives wants us to see that this relationship is considered to be fake. Once you take the awkward mess-ups put, you lose the magic and it all becomes very forced. Ives doesn’t provide a solution for this because he is saying that everybody does this in his or her day-to-day lives and there nothing that can really be done about it.

The repetition of the bell is also used to represent how we have to learn from our mistakes. Whenever Bill or Betty made an error the bell would ring, they would take into account what they said wrong and then they would try again. Ives wants to reader to almost do the same things. As soon as we read that the bell has rung we go back through what they said to see what could have caused the bell to ring. This is showing how once we make an error it is important to learn from it and take it into account in the future. Ives is showing through this form of repetition that if we just realize we make a mistake and not doing anything with it that that’s not good enough. He is saying that we have to learn from out mistakes and use them going forward in life.

Ives’ use of repetition of the bell also tackles the idea of perfection. The characters will not settle for good enough. What the characters say has to be perfect or they aren’t satisfied. Ives want the reader to see how striving for perfection consumes both Betty and Bill’s lives and ultimately leaving them a fake relationship that doesn’t really anything.

The words sure thing is also used...

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