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Have you ever spent eight hours in a "Productivity Bin"? Ever had worries about layoffs? Ever had the urge to demolish a temperamental printer or fax machine? Ever had to endure a smarmy, condescending boss? Then you may enjoy the movie "Office Space" as much as I do.Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) is a Y2K computer programmer working for Initech. Peter hates his job more than anything and at one point, he admits, "Each day of work is progressively worse than the day before, so every time you see me that is the worst day of my life." One Friday night, Peter's soon to be ex-girlfriend Anne, forces him to go to an occupational hypnotherapist to relieve work stress. Unfortunately, the hypnotherapist suffers a fatal heart attack before Peter's treatment is complete, which creates an unexpected pathological nonchalant attitude towards work. Peter begins showing up late for work (or not showing up at all), dressing casually, ignoring his boss, and even works up enough courage to ask out a waitress (Jennifer Aniston) that he has been eyeing for a while. To cap it all off Initech has hired a pair of "consultants" to downsize the company. Relaxed and friendly, Peter charms them as he describes everything wrong with the office, including his boss. Even as Peter now appears at work only when the mood strikes him, the experts decide he is management material and give him a promotion, as they lay off his friends. Peter then convinces his friends to exact revenge on Initech by uploading a computer virus to the accounting software that will take a fraction of a penny out of each transaction. Not everything works out as planned.I enjoy this...

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Film Industry: Office Space and Visioneers

1942 words - 8 pages Space and Visioneers, work is portrayed as an inevitable part of life. However the films do not present a strong argument concerning the negative effects work has on its workers pertaining to their schedules and routines, which can lead to depression and stress. Office Space is a film which illustrates the dread of the workplace through its characters. Peter Gibbons, the main character, despises the work system and is fed up with his bosses. He

Office Space Essay

587 words - 2 pages his work, he wasn?t energetic, didn?t get his work done. After some help from a relaxation expert, the guy develops the capacity to become indifferent to his stress, and ironically lands himself a position of higher power. But when his friends heard it from the grapevine the informal communication network, that they were slated for downsizing, our boy and his buddies decide to get even with a money-making virus scheme.Office Space, a brilliant

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1470 words - 6 pages “Office Space” is a comedy movie of a man who desperately hates his job and his boss. The movie begins with Peter Gibbon’s daily life story at Initech. At work, Peter has to deal with his indifferent boss, Bill Lumbergh, who doesn’t want to listen to his employee’s feedbacks. Lumbergh seems to be an ignorant and arrogant man who dictates his employee and doesn’t want to be blamed at all. Moreover, Lumbergh asks his employee to come to work on

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5200 words - 21 pages AbstractThere are four major influences that can impact an organization's structure. With the movie Office Space as an example, the way employees handle change, paradigms, power, and politics will be analyzed. Theories will be cited of what techniques can be initiated to ensure effective organizational management and behavior. Office Space is a great example of irrational management and bizarre human behavior. The executives at the fictitious

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3479 words - 14 pages An Analysis of Office Space through Consultative Lenses Peter is an employee at INETCH where he is an information technician. His corporation hires a couple of consultants named Bob and Bob whose main purpose is to bring monetary gains to the organization, even if it is at the expense of the worker’s well-being. Peter’s lack of motivation, anger and disillusionment leads him to partner up with two of his co-workers and together they execute a

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1117 words - 5 pages affairs. 7. Given an almost crowded office space, one’s initiative would be the determining factor in making a mark and positive impression at CCN. I realized from early that I would not just fit in with the crowd; rather I would dress, act and carry myself in the most professional manner possible. I took the onus on myself to volunteer for everything I could, this I did without hesitation or caring how

Given an almost crowded office space, one’s initiative would be the determining factor

1845 words - 8 pages : brain, eyes, ears and mouthpiece. In essence it communicates on behalf of the Police force while at the same time communicating in an impartial way for the purpose of national/public interest. Having spent five weeks at the organisation, there seemed to be a balance in staff and the flexibility of shifts and work hours. However the major setbacks were: a shortage of office space, given that there were times when the office was full especially due to our presence, members of staff would not have been engaged in maximum productivity. Even though the staff for the daily 5.

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1308 words - 5 pages is held on street. If watching ballet dance at a short distance, the dance is not art, but body movement.Furthermore, by individuals in variety cultures shows different concepts of space, architecture and city design. In German culture, the office doors are usually closed, but in the State, office doors are open. In Englishman's mind, bedroom is a private space; yet, Americans are willing to share the space unless the door is closed, which means

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1803 words - 7 pages . Building relationships between employees and managers is crucial for an organization to function and execute their purpose whether it is to provide a service or product. Both theories and conflict strategies were present in the film “Office Space” to demonstrate the negatives of corrupt management and ongoing conflicts which were not resolved that led to destruction. An organization’s structure can affect its efficiency and productivity. The two

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1717 words - 7 pages The film “Office Space” depicts several employees at a software firm trying and failing at rebelling against the company they work for. The revolutions against the management and their subsequent failures are explained by Karl Marx’s theories on the proletariat and bourgeoisie in The Communist Manifesto. The problem that the workers encountered was a result of not going far enough in their attempts at improving their lives. In proving the

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3277 words - 14 pages An Examination of Office Space The first time I saw the movie Office Space I was about fifteen years old. Instantly I found the characters hilarious. The movie left me with an expectation of what corporate America may look like for a lowly employee. The movie is based on one man’s journey, Peter, of discovering what the meaning of work is all about. At the start of movie it is apparent that Peter and his friends, Michael and Samir, hate their

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753 words - 3 pages short comings of the film. Finally, an evaluation of the film and a recommendation to either see or avoid the film is given to the reader based on the arguments and opinions expressed by the critic.ii)In this review I will explore the use of satire in Mike Judge's Office Space and attempt to present it in a way that effectively illustrates the deliberate parody associated within the reality that many people across the world face everyday of their