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Psychology & What Makes It A Science
Our actions, thoughts and behaviors say a lot about who we are, but who knows why we act, say and think the way that we do? In an effort to help us better understand ourselves and others, psychologists have been attempting to provide and providing us the answer to these very questions for thousands of years. Their theories have been tried and tested and a great number of them proven.
Psychology is a very complex scientific field. There are a substantial number of people with the misconception that psychology only focuses on the mind. However, it is the study of behavior and development , and complex meaning it is comprised of a wide variety of subdisciplines that function upon each other enabling us to better understand individuals as a whole.
We take advantage and experience the benefits of these areas of study everyday whether it is through work, school or sports. In the work setting psychological principles are used to develop managers, motivate workers, evaluate job satisfaction and performance and promote productivity. We have psychologists in our school systems as well as colleges and universities as educators, instructors, teachers and counselors providing expertise and insight to students and sometimes their family members and in the sports arena an athlete's participation and performance can be enhanced when certain factors of psychology are utilized.
The History of Psychology
Psychology hadn’t been classified as a science initially. It was the fact that the behavior of humans had to actually be studied that gave Psychology the classification of being a science. A physiologist from Germany by the name of Wilhelm Wundt is known for launching the idea that Psychology is classified as a science. Wilhelm developed what is known as the first Psychology Lab at the University of Leipzig. Wilhelm also wrote and published a book, Principles of Physiological Psychology, in 1874. His book encompassed a variety of examples of how physiology and observations of the way humans behave and think relate.
It is often said that “Psychology has a long past but short history,” a quote from Hermann Ebbinghaus. This is true, there aren’t many figures from the past associated with the founding of psychology or the thought of classifying it as a science. However, the origins of psychology date further back. People have always observed each other’s behavior and wondered why people behave and think the way that they do because people have a natural curiosity.
An Impact on Modern Psychology
The history of psychology has impacted modern psychology significantly. If it weren’t for the significant figures involved in the development of psychology in history, the ideas and concepts of modern psychology would probably be different. For example, the subdisciplines of psychology, it can be said that the idea that psychology is divided into subdisciplines came about with Edward Titchener, a student of Wundt, and the...

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