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A quick look around at any city in America shows that society is far from perfect. Few things in life are fair and this is very evident in wealth distribution, the job market, and education. As a whole, America is very reluctant to implement drastic changes to fix problems that plague civilization as a whole. America is not living up to its full potential as a society and something needs to be done to make sure that America remains in a position as a world superpower. A college education should be a right for all people; therefore, college tuition should be completely subsidized as long as students meet a set GPA requirement for the program they are enrolled in and comply with a pre-determined behavioral contract.
The debt that comes along with getting a college education often serves as the factor that prevents students from enrolling in college. The average debt of a college student is far too high for certain income groups to be able to even consider college as a viable option. With community colleges charging in the tens of thousands of dollars to attend for a year, the so called "affordable colleges" are becoming less and less affordable for many people. According to a speech delivered by Richard Ekman, the President of the Council of Independent Colleges, at the Metropolitan Club in New York City, "after the financial meltdown of 2008, the situation took yet another turn. State governments became less able to support public universities. Tuition charges went up to close the gap. Meanwhile, private colleges and universities, most with small endowments, have earned low rates of returns on their investments, meaning they have trouble supporting lower- income students, who require financial aid." Mr. Ekman hits the nail on the head with this statement. The rich, who have always been able to go to college, don't feel the impact, while the poor, who never have been given an opportunity to receive a higher education, remain poor due to the lack of education. This is a classic example of a catch 22. A person needs an education to have money, but a person cannot make money without an education. This is what contributes to the unequal distribution of wealth that is allowing poverty to be a problem in the lives of millions of Americans. If everyone was given the right to a college education, America could finally start to live up to its full potential and end poverty and hunger.
There are many jobs that require extensive college education without offering enough money in salary to even come close to a livable amount after a monthly college loan payment is paid. The careers that America is in the greatest need of put students that major in them in too much debt to make them a viable option. With mental health coming to the forefront of the news, a tremendous void is becoming apparent. There are not enough social workers and psychologists to come close to giving everyone in need the proper help to prevent suicides, mass...

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