Marketing Research Design And Analysis

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While going through the survey and reflecting on its structure, we felt that was overwhelming due to the sheer length and size of the questionnaire. We also felt tired, bored and monotonous while going through the survey. Moreover, since it was too lengthy after a certain point of time, we felt too little motivation to complete it and there was a general feeling of ‘getting over and done with it’ as quick as possible as the survey instead of being a good way of putting across our opinion and thoughts turned into a hassle. Furthermore, after we were done, there was also a sense of futility in the whole process. We all also had a distinct thought that the survey designers did not take into consideration the time and effort that the Harvard students would face while answering the survey and they took the response rate for granted. Furthermore, the survey had very few open ended questions and some questions required too great thought such as the questions requiring respondents to choose options of trade off.
On the positive, it also came across to us that overall, the survey was in depth and had covered a host of topics that would be able to assist them achieve their objective, but since the survey was not mandatory they did not get a higher response rate. We also thought that respondents could not have know the right amount of time to dedicate to the survey since as it was just indicative of the length and it did not explicitly state the length of the survey. On the positive side, we believe that it was very through and detailed and fully captured the essence of the objective that survey designers wanted from the study. The answer options to the questions covered all possibilities in detail and this ensured that the respondents did not have to think about the appropriate answer fit. The structure of the survey was not only simple as it was divided into adequate and relevant sections, but also had the right flow and sequence except at one stage as we would have liked if section F, about comments, should come before section E, personal information.
My part
I have applied for on campus housing before and my experiences have been quite concentrated. A questionnaire should be direct and ask questions that are relevant to the coursework in study. All my previous questionnaires have been very descriptive. And since the purpose of HRES is to learn the attributes, interests, desires and characteristics of students, the questionnaire should be more descriptive in nature and should apply to all the 10 different schools of Harvard. I personally think that the following points should have been accentuated in the questionnaire:
• Is location as important as cost and space and are these criterions still pertinent to a current student?
• Would a prospective student also look at these factors while making a decision to go to Harvard and how important are these factors to him or her?
As evident from the survey to derive apt results, I think the results...

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