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There are several people in history who have left marks on the world. Significant people come from all over the globe and leave a lasting impression for years to follow. From presidents who led the United States in desperate times to a young man who discovered the multi-million dollar Apple Company, influential people do much for eras following them. They can set a basis for future discoveries, leave long lasting impressions with their ideas, and act as role models for millions of people across the globe. Significant people come arise from every corner of the world, and they can differ greatly from one another by their lives, attitudes, and accomplishments. One prominent and influential figure of the early twentieth century was Albert Einstein, a physicist, mathematician, and genius. Albert Einstein was truly an influential man who impacted the world in a number of ways and changed the way people thought about science for generations following his lifetime.
Albert Einstein began his influential life at a young age. Born in 1879, Albert Einstein grew up as a gifted young boy. He excelled in a number of subjects, such as mathematics, science, and music. He played multiple instruments and won several academic awards (Albert Einstein History). Having such an educated childhood benefitted Einstein in the long run. He had gained knowledge as a kid that would carry him into his adulthood. As a talented adult, Einstein would go on to do great things. In 1894, Einstein quit school and did not recommence his schooling until he was accepted into The Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute in Switzerland. It was here that Albert met his wife, Mileva Maric. After marrying Mileva Maric, Einstein became affiliated with the Swiss patent office. Here, Einstein did much work that would be remembered for years after his life (Albert Einstein History). Albert Einstein developed concepts and created theories in his works that allowed people to better understand the world around them.
Albert Einstein did much throughout out his life to leave a lasting impact on humanity. Much of his most famous work was done during the period of one year. The year of 1905 is often referred to as Albert Einstein’s “miracle year” (Albert Einstein Encyclopedia). He produced new ideas that no one had thought of before and he revised old concepts. Albert Einstein was working at the patent office in 1905. At the patent office, Albert Einstein developed four life-changing papers (Albert Einstein History). Scientists could not fathom how significant these papers truly were. Each paper brought more understanding and comprehension of the scientific world to people everywhere. They brought new concepts to people that no one had put much thought into before Albert Einstein’s miracle year. Albert Einstein’s first paper discussed the photoelectric effect, the second essay emphasized the relationship of atoms and water, and the third and fourth compositions included ideas...

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