An Analysis Of Arvind Kejriwal’s Communication Strategy

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Arvind Kejriwal’s has become the idol for every citizen of India who wishes to fight against the injustices of the government. He has stood up as a person who is always there for the common man of India to get them the rights in the society that they deserve. To make such an image of himself, Arvind Kejriwal has gone to extremes from sitting for protests on the road every other day to trying to burst the bubble about the corrupt and uselessness of the already well-established politicians like Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi, in front of the media in various conferences, interviews and media talk shows. He has been trying all means and methods in order to get to the audience that is the people of India to show how helpful he is and how corrupt and harmful the politicians of other parties are.
His communication strategies that help him convey all his messages to the people of India have been:
(a) Public speeches: Hosting a large stage and shouting aloud on the loudspeakers about his intentions for the betterment of the society and more so about the evil intentions of other politicians and trying to show their worse actions for the people of India. In his public speeches he has an Indian flag as a backdrop (showing that all that matters in the country) under which all the mediums through which the people can get in touch with him are specified like his twitter page or the facebook page, he has his supporters sitting on the stage – not on chairs but on the stage expressing their simplicity, everyone wears a Gandhi topi with scribbings on it like main hu aam admi, main bhi kejriwal, aam admi party zindabad, mujhe chahiye swaraj to name amongst many.
(b) Protests: The closest to the heart and the most favourite way of expression for Arvind Kejriwal. During his tenure of being the Chief Minister of Delhi also he had been on protests against the five police officers who allegedly refused to cooperate with the law minister Somnath Bharti to provide safety measures for women. For those 49 days he was the CM of Delhi, two days he was sleeping outside the Rail Bhavan in Delhi in order to show his discontent against the police department. So, from what we have gathered from the number of dharnas or protests Mr. Kejriwal and his party has carried out till date, it seems the only way he knows to communicate with the government by being adamant and disrupting the entire working of the city.
(c) Twitter: Since the time social media like facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. have been started to be used as the sole medium of interaction for people trying to get in touch with each other, celebrities, politicians and corporate houses have also become a member of the same in order to stay connected with their fans or convey their thoughts and messages to the people. Arvind Kejriwal too has resorted to such a strategy by creating a page on his name on twitter and being actively posting information about his activities so that the people know about what he is upto for the...

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