An E Book About Cricket History & Its Laws: Report.

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Objectives:My aim is to make an e-book to develop good understanding of cricket laws & game's history among new members of our cricket club, which can be read by users with a common computer with a common operating system installed on such as Windows XP. The e-book should contain Different types of multimedia to make reading & learning fun as well as making it different from usual paper books.Problems, situation & Solutions.Most of the members do not have good cricket background.They do not know much about cricket laws as well as the game's history. New members must have good knowledge of the laws beforehand to play the game in appropriate way and should know at least a bit about game's history to develop good understanding of the game and distinguish between other cricket-like games (i.e. Baseball).Knowing about history of the game is always an advantage to players but knowing about all of game's laws is the fundamentals of becoming a good player so that the player should know what to do under special situations. Our members do not know some very important laws, which are seldom used under normal conditions. Members must know how to deal with the situation if something goes unusual during the match. If they do not know what to do at that very moment they would really lose their image so do the club.Recent survey shows that approx. 80% of the members do not know about some very important & advanced laws (i.e. Duckworth/Lewis Method). 65% were found to have poor knowledge of history. I hope that this e-book will be a great help to our club members as well as to other young cricket who are interested in the game.User Requirements:Members would be willing to know more about the part, which they are weak in, for example, HISTORY & especially the giant LAWS. They would like to see what special signals the umpire makes at special (unusual) occasions during the match. They would also like to test their basic knowledge of the game in form of crosswords or quizzes and see some good strokes played by record holders in their record making & breaking matches.Therefore, the e-book should contain history and explanation of every law in detail. It should also contain hyperlinks so that user can "jump" from one page to another with ease & without going back to home page.The topics will remain in their on place (to the left hand side of the page) so do the title window as each page will open in the Main frame, user can select any topic at any moment, No matter which page they are visiting at that certain moment (excluding the last page (exit)). E-books are for convenience so there would not be a mess on the users.ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEM.Alternative ways:-An ordinary paper book could have written & published but it costs a lot and there are not sufficient funds available at moment. Developing an e-book is comparatively cheaper than developing an ordinary book. Also nowadays people do not like to read those books that are full of...

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