A Detailed Essay On The Works Of Joseph Mengele, A Scientish From Auchwitz Germany During World War Ii.

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Education/training.Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 in a Bavarian village of Gunzburg, Germany. He was the eldest of two brothers; his parents were Karl and Walburga Mengele. His parents were deep believes in the Catholic faith, his family was raised accordingly. His father was a founder of a farm machinery factory called Firma Karl Mengele. In the 1920's he graduated from college and was promptly accepted into the University of Munich in Bavaria.He studied philosophy there under the influence of radical, racist ideology of Alfred Rosenberg. He then took a medical degree at the University of Frankfurt am Main in 1930. In 1933 he enlisted in SA 'Assault Division' as a passionate Nazi. One year later he joined the Research staff of the newly founded Institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene. He was selected for Chief Doctor at Birkenau, an accompanying extermination camp near Auschwitz by Heinrich Himmler. His job included selecting Jews for labour or extermination and working on his own private experiments. His chief interest however was research on twins. In 1935 he mostly dealt with racial differences within the structure of the lower law.ExperimentsHis experiments were vast and broad; most of the information regarding them was stolen or destroyed during and after liberation. Most of his experiments revolved around twins are they're abilities. He also worked on finding ways to make Jews appear to be German, by changing their hair colourings and eye colours. This also extended to fertility research where he tried to find a way to expand the German population.He would commonly do experiments on Jews to attempt to raise their fertility rates. This would sometimes include castrating the twins and deforming their genitales or making them have incest. The babies were destined to be deformed so they were generally thrown in a furnace or terminated during the mother's pregnancy. The word terminated is used loosely in this context, as Dr Mengele commonly jumped on the mothers until the baby came out.His demeanour during these acts was also very interesting, many of the surviving twins commented on how calm and charismatic he was during the most horrific procedures. Perhaps this charisma was a pre-requisite to be a high-ranking Nazi. Dr Mengele could regularly be seen handing out candy to children and stroking their hair lovingly. One child remembers seeing him generously hand out candy to a small child right before throwing him into the furnace. His decisions were rash, when a block of the camp was infected with lice, he would gas all 750 women.Dr Mengele had an intriguing persona, some of the surviving children described him as "Uncle Mengele" and hand out candy and clothing. He would then have them sent for in trucks painted with Red Cross emblems or in his own car. He would sometimes do cruel things to keep up his legend, one of his murderous policy included drawing a line on the wall and any child that could not reach that high...

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