Analysis Of Samurai Flamenco: To Be A Hero In A Seemingly Normal World

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Samurai Flamenco is a Superhero, comedy-drama released during the Fall 2013 anime line-up. Playing out like an anime version of the movie Kick-Ass except even more ridiculous, the shows constant switching in tones and arcs as the story progresses, as Richard Eisenbeis states “…depending on how the series so far is interpreted, it's either brilliant or terrible—and I can't seem to decide which.” (Eisenbeis). Samurai Flamenco, despite this, shows the audience as they follow the journey of Masayoshi Hazama, that even while the distinction between the real world and fictional world of heroes like The Power Rangers blurs: that being a hero is much more than trying to become like the ones in the different shows and movies. Key events that portray this progression into the fictional world but also Hazama’s growth is finding about his parents death, his talk with his friend Goto, and the appearance of Guillotine Gorilla and King Torture during what would have been just a PR event drug bust all occurring in episode seven, which happens to be called “Change the World”.
Briefly, according to the official site Samurai Flamenco is “For those “grow-ups” who don’t want to be adults.” (Manglobe), with the story being about “…the birth of a true hero featuring these two young men with a touch of comedy and serious drama, while they come face to face with hardships as they search for the true meaning of becoming a hero of justice in this world!”(Manglobe). Directed my Takahiro Omori, who is famous for his live-action-style directing, Samurai Flamenco starts out as a fairly light-hearted series focused around the main characters Masayoshi Hazama and Hidenori Goto as Hazama begins his journey to become a superhero without the use of powers or advanced technology. For the first six episodes this tone stays relatively the same as Masayoshi improves his skills and becomes a viral media sensation for his heroics even though he started out as a freak, as things begin to calm down Hazama wonders if they are approaching the ‘Final Episode’ and then episode seven decides to do a complete 180 on the audience.

Samurai Flamenco’s tag line is “Hero will never give up, never hide, never be defeated, never accept evil.” (Daisuki) As such, the show places an emphasis on these ideals through the character Masayoshi, as he fights small crimes like jay-walking and littering, to taking down potential rapists, robbers, and other sources of ‘evil’ that need a heavy serving of justice. Thanks to his never-ending efforts to be a hero, things begin to calm down in the city, however this leaves Hazama feeling that the ‘end’ is approaching. Eventually we reach the scene where Masayoshi is reading his grandfather’s notes, which are wrote in the style of a Japanese superhero TV show for the super hero Samurai Flamenco. The scene suddenly switches over to actually playing out the reveal like what would be seen in one of the season finales (see Fig.1). Playing the scientist/creator...

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