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Analytical is the use of analysis to solve problems. Analysis is the breaking down of problems into smaller problems that can be solved separately. It usually uses a process that directs it towards achieving a certain goal. Analytical skill is therefore defined as the ability of visualizing, articulating and solving issues that are either complicated or not and making sensual decision that is based on the information available. When gathering and analyzing information, analytical skills are put into practice as well as when designing and testing solutions to problems. In management, analytical skill is the ability of dividing problems into parts so that you can visualize their relationships. Managers can plan and lead projects successfully if they have analytical skills. They can forecast financial results and develop plans accurately towards achieving goals and objectives by working together with their people. They can finally accomplish their plans and produce predictable results logically in a more systematic manner.
In solving business problems, a manager frequently uses his analytical skills. When a crisis occurs in a location or a unit is not performing as expected, the manager applies his skills to question and do research on the cause of the problem. Once a potential cause has been identified, the manager chooses on an appropriate solution to solve the problem. An analytical approach, therefore, becomes an appropriate process of breaking down a problem into elements that can solve believes that only analytical approach can solve difficult social problems. Public interest activists are nowadays using an intuitive approach mostly compared to the analytical approach. The intuitive approach works on easy problems and sometimes on medium difficulty ones. They fail on difficult problems simply because they are not capable of the deep methodical approach needed in solving difficult complex system social problems.
Environmental movement faces problems of climatic change and abnormal high rates of species extinction which are immensely difficult. They require an analytical approach otherwise we might fall back to an instinctual intuitive approach. History shows that this does not work even with the effort of heroes on classic social problems of environmental sustainability, overpopulation, recurring large recessions, excessive income inequality, institutional large scale poverty, endemic political corruption and corporate dominance. Each one of these problems is centuries old and all attempts to solve them have failed. Each event has a cause. It is hypothesized that the main reason is reliance in an approach that does not fit the problem and this approach is the informal intuitive problem solving process. The environmental movement has since failed to make progress as urgently as needed. As a result the movement is losing its credibility with the government, public and donors. We can only blame ourselves for...

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