Animal Experimentation: Granted For The Good

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Animal Experimentation: Granted for the Good
The fight for animal rights has been going on for many decades and has increased even more in the past years. Animal rights advocate that animals should be viewed as human beings, not property. These advocates approach the issue from different situations but they all agree that animal should not be used as food, clothing, entertainment, or experimentation. Vivisection is one right that has gained more controversy than all the others. Vivisection is the act of operating or experimenting on live animals. Animal experimentation or vivisection has been practiced to further scientists’ knowledge about the human body and to find cures for diseases. Is the medical research advancing because animal experimentation is truly a valuable tool? Or is it just inhumane as the animal activists insist? However, after taking an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the issue and anticipating the consequences of each choice, animals should not be exempted from experimentation.
Experimenting on animals should be considered carefully. However, the first priority of the experimenters is the reduction of the suffering of humans and the prevention of suffering or death of animals is secondary. Animal experimentation helps make the medicines and other substances used daily safer for the human race. When the animals are used in experiments, experimenters try to keep the animal’s suffering to an absolute minimum. Experimenters treat the animals in a humanely matter, using anesthetics when needed and a keeping clean and healthy working environment. In short, it is a possible to experiment on animals without making them suffer.
Human beings are not the only living creatures that have benefited from vivisection. Heart worm and rabies vaccines were devised from the research on animals and have helped save the lives...

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