Animal Rights, Human Wrongs Vs. The Damned Human Race

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Animal Rights, Human Wrongs vs. The Damned Human Race

“Animal Rights, Human Wrongs” by Tom Regan and “The Damned Human Race”
by Mark Twain are more similar than different. Both of the authors are
informing the readers about the mentality of some human beings in
regard to animals. One of the authors, Tom Regan provides several
examples of the tactics man uses to harm animals. Mark Twain’s method
compares so called lower animal to the human being. In both stories,
the way that man treats animals is injustice.

Tom Regan tells how human beings have developed a more advance
technology that will kill a whale in the matter of minutes. When the
whale is captured, he fights and struggles with the crew men until his
death. The whale is used for things as small as candle wax, perfume,
soap, oil, pet food, margarine, and fertilizer. The rest of the
remains are disregarded. An innocent animal is killed to provide man
with unnecessary products. Similar to the whale, Mark Twain discovered
a case when buffalos where hunted and wasted. Some hunters organized a
buffalo hunt to eat and for entertainment. The hunter slaughters
seventy- two buffalos; however only one buffalo was eaten, and the
others were left to decay. Once again a group of animals was killed
for the enjoyment of man.

Mark Twain compares a human being to an anaconda snake. For example,
seven calves were thrown into a cage with the frightening anaconda
snake. The snake only ate one of the calves, and it was satisfied;
whereas, an unsuccessful gibbon hunt caused other gibbons to be at
danger. Tom Regan wrote about a case, when man tried to capture a...

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