Animal Rights: Laws That Protect Animals

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Dating back to the 1600’s, animal rights have been trying to come fully apart of our society. Every state in the United States has a law to protect animal rights but they are not all equal, therefore, animals are still in danger. They are in danger of many different ways that include abuse, testing, and fighting. Animal rights do not only affect animals, but humans also. Those who abuse animals can abuse other humans. It is understood that animals can be used for human benefits, but in order to lower the risk of danger for animals and humans, there should be more strict penalties for animal cruelty and have equal animal rights.
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Another example of animal abuse is animal fighting and gambling from their owners. Animal fighting has been around for a little more than 150 years and the first animals that began animal fighting were dogs. Thousands of young Greyhound dogs are killed each year because of the lack of potential for racing or they have been injured while racing and no are longer competitive (“11 Facts about Animal Cruelty”). It has gradually leaded up to other animals that also include bulls and chickens (“Animal Fighting Facts”). People who do animal fighting are earning money from these events. The animals are tortured in order to make them become more aggressive. Animals should not have to go through with the horror of fighting another to stay alive just so the owner can get money.
Lastly, all over the world animals are being tested on to find cures, treatments, cosmetics, and chemicals that work for humans, but are being killed because of the outcomes. There are over 100 million animals - rats, dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, being used for animal testing in the United States alone (“11 Facts About Animal Cruelty); the closest to human DNA are chimpanzees and mice (“Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?”). Ian Murnaghan, an intelligent author, states that animals are being caged in cells, used for testing, and are tortured with the infections they are tested on. Not all of the results can truly inform humans that it will work exactly the same as it did for the animals. Sadly, many animals die because the medication did not work for them. Masongsong researched that the amount of animals killed from all of the animal experiments in one year will be the same population as Texas. Again, it is another big state that has a large population and is compared to the population of deaths in a year of animals dying from testing.
However, many people believe that animals should be used for the benefits of humans’ lifestyles; it is selfish when there are alternative ways than the ones thrown at us. Animals have been slaughtered by humans because of the things we do for our own safety that only hurts the economy and hurts the animals more. According to the article “Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing,” it states that there is a new and less expensive alternative method to testing chemicals and treatments for humans. Human cells can be used to test the chemicals and treatments in a Petri dish, which is also known as in vitro testing (in glass testing). It is more effective since it is reacting with a human cell, therefore giving off a more precise answer to the testing. Because there is a new method to animal testing that is less expensive, there will be more money that our economy will be saving and fewer animals will be taken away from their natural habitats. Also, there should be a stop to murdering animals for their fur for clothing. Sheep fur is shaved off, that does not harm them, for our clothing. There are also faux furs...

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