Animator: Bringing Your Imagination To Life

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When I played my first video game, I was fascinated by it. It was like traveling to a different world where anything was possible. As I became more and more interested in video games, I wondered how they were made. I learned that animation was a large part of how a video game is made. So from then on I knew that I wanted to be an animator, preferably in the video game business. Based on the research that I have done, I think that a career in animation would be right for me, because it is in a field that I enjoy, the hours can be very flexible, and the pay is very good.
An animator is a person who uses computers to create moving visual effects for television, movies and video games ("Bureau ...view middle of the document...

Also the teams of animators will have to meet with the producers to check to make sure the project is going as planned. If the producers are not happy with what is being done with their ideas for the project, they can have the animators make small tweaks to it or start from scratch all over again ("Bureau of Labor Statistics").
Development companies are usually set in an office workspace. Although these are not your normal offices. The halls are filled with concept art and models from previous and upcoming projects that they will be working on. The office areas are often colorful and personalized, instead of the bland gray on gray color scheme of a lot of offices. Break rooms are more of a child's dream play land than an actual break room. The overall work environment is relaxed and fun.
On average an animator can expect to make around $61,370 per year at $29.50 per hour, but an experienced animator can expect to make much more per year. I think that this is very reasonable pay, because an animator spends countless hours making their work the best that they can. An animator usually works a normal amount of time, but as deadlines are approaching they can work upwards of 40 hours per week. A single project can take anywhere from a few months to multiple years to create ("Bureau of Labor Statistics"). Although it is not uncommon for an animator to complete a work in only a couple of weeks when collaborating with other teams of animators.
The job growth of animators is projected to grow at a much slower than most other careers. Although I believe that it will grow much faster than believed. I think that...

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