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Whilst visiting Crosby beach in October 2013 there was evidence of the public altering the statues appearance. Somebody had knitted around the ankle of one, and also placed a hard hat on the head. The statues being placed at Crosby beach had created a large tourist attraction and we see how the public introduce their own enjoyment to the art.
With the sculptures being constantly moved to different locations, they were granted permission to be permanently positioned at Crosby beach in 2005, despite some objections. Certain people believed that the figures were offensive and pornographic due to them being naked with genitalia on show. They also believed that they were a safety hazard due to ...view middle of the document...

Time and tide affect the viewing of the sculptures; they can be seen as silhouettes, heads above water or as in daylight. The statues being at Crosby beach adds further meaning to the artwork as it changes along with the conditions of the environment. As the area around the artefacts move, they stay in the same location and position, staring out at sea encouraging the viewer to look at the forever changing horizon with wind farms and passing boats. As technology and time develops, the statues are able to engage with the changing horizon by watching modern changes appear over time. Transformations alike wind farms being developed and placed out at sea to help the environment. The statues also watch the sun as it rises and dawns seeing every day pass.
The statues are shown rising from the sand at different stages, each one engaging with the daily life of the beach. These changes allow the environment to unite with the art, creating a piece of art of their own. The placement also invites viewers to interact with the sculptures, who correspondingly change the appearance of the figures by adding objects and incorporating them into their own work;
One hundred cast iron statues stand in silence along Crosby beach in Merseyside. These statues are of course, Antony Gormley’s...

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