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You have more choices than ever when it comes to buying stuff. On top of malls, mom-and-pops, big boxes, and your friendly neighbourhood store, you have entire shopping emporiums on the Internet.
With a galaxy of choices at your fingertips, it can be difficult to commit to a budget or even set one. But you know that you have to buy things at some point; unless you grow a prolific garden, you need food to put on the table.
Fortunately, the same technology that has spawned these choices has given rise to applications designed to help you cut down spending. Some help you fix a budget. Some give you coupons to steep deals. Some facilitate price comparisons, while others suggest affordable restaurants. Some even earn money.
These apps will lead you down the path of frugality in no time:
1. Unsplurge
Unsplurge’s developers know the story well: Person sets budget, then watches it unravel —all because no one holds him or her accountable.
What sets Unsplurge from other budgeting tools is that it leverages the power of peer support. This app keeps you on the wagon by displaying their budget goals to other users, with the goal of getting them to motivate you. Sometimes a pat on the back is all you need to avoid flushing your money down the drain. Businesses would do well to include this in a suite of apps to streamline their operations.
2. Pocket Expense Personal Finance
You never have to be reckless with your income again, not with the way this app keeps track of your financial accounts. Whether they’re credit cards or checking accounts, Pocket Expense lets you set a budget for them, each marked with distinguishable icons. The app also offers easy fund transfer between budgets and a dependable alert system for bills.
3. Spending Tracker
Many apps jam-pack a lot of features into their interface, making budgeting harder than it already is. Spending Tracker goes for minimalism, allowing you to input expenses in a simple manner and check them against weekly to yearly budget objectives.
4. Saver ~ Control your Expenses
Like Spending Tracker, Saver also takes pride in simplicity. Just tap entries (expenses) on the go and the app will remember them. The app then lets you categorise them across 15 labels, each of which can be broken down into more categories.
5. Grocery Pal
This app might be your new best friend. It’s basically a repository of sales circulars, notifying you about weekly specials from more than a hundred participating brands. You can add these on-sale items to your grocery list, which you can create as many of and organise by aisles.
6. Locavore
As a rule of (green) thumb, in-season food is the way to go when it comes to frugal living. This free app tells you what nearby farmer’s markets and farm shares have on offer, i.e. what is fresh, locally sourced, and cheap, as opposed to supermarket stocks.
7. Green Egg Shopper
Food wastage is a disservice to the environment and to you. Avoid it by...

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