Are Women Discriminated Against In Hong Kong?

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Have you ever thought of how you could be if you were of the opposite sex? It is not hard for you to think of a lot of stuff that you could do if you were of the opposite sex. For the view of males, you may feel tired of being the one who is taking the responsibility to protect females. For females, you may want to find a new job which is more rewarding and the post of which is higher. The thoughts of different sexes are totally not on the same track on account of gender stereotype which has existed for a long time. In other words, women are discriminated against in Hong Kong as gender inequality still exists. According to what Amy Parziale mentioned in "Gender Inequality and Discrimination", "Gender discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of an individual or group due to gender.". Discrimination against females has been a controversial issue for a long time all around the world including Hong Kong. The phenomenon can be shown in different aspects - different treatments due to gender in workplace and family. According to the Census and Statistics Department in Hong Kong, the male population was 3,332,700 and the female population was 3,845,200 in end-2012. Although the ratio of male population to that of female is nearly 1:1, the ways men and women being treated are not the same.
Generally speaking, Hong Kong is a modern city in China and most people in Hong Kong are open-minded. With the reference of the statistics collected by the Census and Statistics Department, the earnings of female has been increasing from 2001 to 2012. For further calculation, the percentage of female whose monthly income are equal to or over HK$10,000 has been increasing from 47.5% in 2006, 53.8% in 2010, 56.3% in 2011 to 59.5% in 2012. Thus, the trend shows that women have a higher and higher chance of getting a high salary job from year to year. Moreover, the proportion of female getting a job has increased by 11.4 percent from 1986 to 2012. In other words, more and more women have been getting a job since 1986. In view of the trend, we can conclude that women have more or less the same opportunity to get a job as men do and the empowerment of women is getting higher and higher.
However, everything is not ideal. In spite of the increasing chance of women getting higher empowerment, men are still on the top of women in Hong Kong in aspects of workplace and family. Women are still discriminated against in Hong Kong.
To start with, in workplace, in terms of education, there have been a larger proportion of men having a higher degree than women even though the education system has improved. Every citizen in Hong Kong need to take 12 year compulsory education of 9 year compulsory education since 2007. With reference to the statistics collected by the Hong Kong Government, nearly three tenth of the male graduated from post-secondary education in 2012 while only one fourth of female did so. It shows that less proportion of female can graduate from higher education....

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