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In CSI Plagiarism, M. Garret Bauman (2009) writes on his and his colleagues’ personal experiences as a professor and their students’ plagiarism. After a couple stories, which appeal more as a catharsis behavior, Bauman finally proposed a different approach on the way students should be addressed. He presented a suggestion on an effective way to address the issue of plagiarism in an educational setting with a goal of causing less harm to the educational leaders. This essay will review and criticize Bauman’s new approach on dealing with fraudulent students, as well as evaluate the weakness or the strengths of the article.
Right at the beginning of the article, Bauman leaves the perception of ...view middle of the document...

And by that, he means to shame, mock or embarrass the students into fearful obedience. Bauman ends the article by presenting an example of a conversation between the students and himself where he applies his new way of fighting back.
The strength of the article is found on the narrative of the stories that the author and his colleagues had experienced with students who committed plagiarism. By telling the stories, it brought to light the difficulties, frustration and intense work professors have to put into identifying all aspects of plagiarism and how they fight for a prudential educational world.
Although the article has strengths, the topic was not explored in great depth, mainly because there is a lack of resources cited to support his thoughts and thesis. Bauman’s main points, include his new approach which is the belief that professors should be dealing with students in fraud by playing the same game and the current posture of conformism with the culture. I do not agree with the new approach that he presents. Being a Christian counselor and professional we should have...

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