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The World citizenship opposes idea of nationalism
Nussbaum’s main argument is about idea of world citizenship and role of literature which can contribute on understanding of people around the world. It is logical that through studying foreign languages and religions, literature people can understand each other. However there is problems with idea of world citizenship. As in some powerful states such as China, Russia idea of nationalism is dominating. So this idea of world citizenship opposes to idea of nationalism .
Although, this idea has some results in terms of creating small version of world citizenship To be european in creation of European union. UN contributed to this idea. However, this idea seem ideal and some powerful countries do not want to establish it as their rulers can lose their power.

“Science without Religion Is Lame, Religion without Science Is Blind”(Albert Einstein)
Pinker’s main arguments is that the “world can be understood through science” and that “every theory and claim can be refuted”.(Pinker)
However, Pinker’s idea that “all religions are mistaken concerning origins of life” can be refuted. In Koran it has been said that “men was created from sand”.( While “human tissue consists of 6 main elements, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen,hydrogen, phosphorus, sulfur” .(ibid) “Combination of all these elements will give “sand”.(ibid) Furthermore, in Koran it has been said that “God Created universe from nothing, and big bang theory proves it”.(ibid) So science and religion are connected with each other. Through science people can more understand God. Regarding the one of the claims the “world is intelligible” science yet did not find the answer what will be after death. These questions should be answered by religions.(Pinker) Concerning the meaning of life if there is no purpose of existence why it was given to people the center of attention and it was given to people conscious mind not for example monkeys.

Negative side of individualism
Society is as vacuum cleaner swaps thoughts that is different from it. So , it wants everybody to obey its laws and to make everyone same in terms of thoughts. Emerson approached the way that it will benefit society. Independence of...

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