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Abraham Lincoln, one of the most recognizable presidents, was widely known for abolishing slavery and ending the civil war, but what is unknown is the true story behind his assassination. History books teach that Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, but it was who hired Booth that is the true mystery. Booth, along with multiple other co-conspirators was highly successful in assassinating the sixteenth president, but he had received assistance from an outside source. After winning the civil war and abolishing slavery, Lincoln became an obvious target in many southern sympathizers’ eyes. Although, he had been targeted for assassination long before the end of the civil war, in fact, even before the civil war had started. During the 1840s and the decade following that, America was extremely unstable, mostly due to the issue of slavery. The nation was about to break, and Abraham Lincoln would soon find himself in the middle of the chaos, and in the crosshairs of his assassin’s gun. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln, not a simple act committed by a confederate sympathizer, stems from larger, more intricate conspiracies involving Jefferson Davis, Andrew Johnson, and the Church of Rome.
Although there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the murder, a proven conspiracy can be found in most textbooks. During the assassination of Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth was not the only man behind the well-orchestrated plot. This proven conspiracy does support the idea that Booth was a southern sympathizer who wanted to get revenge on the president who had just destroyed his beloved confederacy. Booth, along with various other conspirators, was set on creating a plan to get his revenge on the president. Originally, on March 20, 1865, Booth and his co-conspirators had the intention of kidnapping the president, taking him to the confederate capitol of Richmond, and then using Lincoln as a bargaining tool for a revival of the confederacy (“Abraham”). Although, this plan was quickly thrown out when Lincoln did not appear at the event where the conspirators were planning to kidnap him (“Abraham”). Nearly a month later, Booth and his conspirators created and carried out their fatal plan for the president. On April 14, 1865 at 10:15 p.m., John Wilkes Booth entered Fords Theater where President Lincoln, his wife Mary, Union army officer Henry Rathbone, and Henry’s fiancée Clara were in a private box enjoying a play (“Abraham”). Booth then proceeded to shoot Lincoln in the back of the head with a .44 caliber gun (“Abraham”). This atrocious act was committed only five days after the confederate army surrendered to Union General Lee, a possible motive for Booth’s fury. Booth stabbed officer Rathbone and then leapt from the presidential box, breaking his leg (“Abraham”). He escaped on horseback as Dr. Charles Leale, an audience member, rushed to the barely breathing and paralyzed president (“Abraham”). Lincoln was soon rushed out of the theater,...

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