The Conspiracy Theories Behind Assassinating Lincoln

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Throughout his life, Abraham Lincoln, claimed to various religious beliefs, which made him a target in many religious eyes. Before entering the White House, and even before the start of his career in politics, Lincoln was commonly referred to as the “Village Atheist,” although both his parents were Baptists (Gilgoff). He was viewed as a man without religion, but he actually read the Bible every day, he just did not believe in organized religion and was the only president of his time who was not an official member of a church (Gilgoff). Lincoln even went as far as speaking of God in many of his speeches, such as in his first inaugural address where he proclaimed, “Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who had never yet forsaken this favored land” (Gilgoff). He clung to his previous beliefs surrounding religion, even as he entered the White House, but after the death of his son in 1850, he started attending Presbyterian services (Gilgoff). Lincoln’s wife officially joined the church shortly after attending, but Lincoln refused to join (Gilgoff). Holding tight to his disdain for organized religion, Lincoln was bound to face many personal attacks due to his beliefs.
Daily, Lincoln faced violent protestors because of his beliefs, inspiring the theory that he was assassinated by the Church of Rome. Before entering politics, Lincoln was a successful practicing attorney. In a landmark case of his, Lincoln defended a former priest, Charles Paschal Telesphore Chiniquy, who was battling a group of Jesuits in court (Chiniquy 1). With ease, Lincoln won the case and defeated the Jesuits, saving Chiniquy from possible jail time (Chiniquy 1). Due to Lincoln’s lack of organized religion he would make an easy target for the Jesuits wrath. Chiniquy also believed that Lincoln would be their next target as he views, “The ten or twelve Jesuits came to hear my sentencing, nothing can be compared to the expression of rage against [Lincoln]” (372). It was Chiniquy who continuously tried to warn Lincoln about the impending danger to the prestigious lawyer by the Jesuits hand (Chiniquy 372). Shortly after the trial ended, Chiniquy felt uneasy and claimed, “It seemed to me that I have read [Lincoln’s] sentence of death in their fiendish eyes” (372). Chiniquy knew that “The Jesuits never forgive and forget nor forsake,” and he had watched the Jesuits kill other important figures before, Lincoln would be no different than the rest (Chiniquy 372). In the time period when Lincoln was president it was believed that, “The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order, their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father of a monastery,” but most importantly, “The aim of this organization is: Power” (Chiniquy 383 384). According to the goals of the Jesuit society, they would be not only assassinating Lincoln for revenge, but also to gain the power that Lincoln held. Also in their society, the crimes that they commit...

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