Assignment 6

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1. Each participant at the meeting presented their arguments in “you” statements. Throughout the meeting, each participant was defensive in his or her reactions, while focusing on the other person. In addition, it was evident that neither party was effectively listening to one another.
2. In observing the participants at the meeting, Participant A wanted to feel as if they were part of the team. Participant A desired to have a sense of belonging. Furthermore, Participant A wanted to be recognized by Participant B, who appeared to Participant A as informal leader. Participant A felt that their work performance was just as good as Participant’s B. Participant A felt and believed that ...view middle of the document...

By fostering open communication and discussions with me, the participants were able to find mutually beneficial solutions.
9.3 Reflection and Action Worksheet
Handling Conflict
1. I react to conflict openly and view it as an opportunity for two parties to understand different perspectives, as well as, learn and grow from each other. In addition, I always try to move towards the conflict. After taking the Conflict Style Questionnaire and reviewing my results, I was in the very strong style for collaboration. My previous experiences with conflict have taught me that when you approach conflict as an emotional event it becomes very difficult to overcome your positions and often end up with either a lose-lose or lose-win scenario. Either when dealing with conflict at home or at work, I try to maintain the same approach, which is handling conflict as a process rather than an event. I focus on creating win-win solutions through collaboration. In order to do that; I try to separate the individual(s) from the conflict and rather look at the issue at hand. Secondly, I try focus on the one the one thing I have complete control over and that is preparation and understanding of the conflict. In my preparation, I try to determine, “What are my interests in this situation?” Why is this so important to the other party? What are the consequences and opportunities from this conflict? More specifically for at work, as part of my preparation, I try to research similar situations and corresponding precedent, professional standards, moral standards and any legal standards that may exist. As a result, I remove the emotion from the situation and approach the conflict in an objective manner. Moreover, when dealing with conflict, I also try to determine what, if any mutually agreed upon points of interest currently exist. Additionally, as I begin my discussion, I start not with statements, but, probing questions, which I allow to drive my conversation. I always try to uncover the underlying interests that exist before I make a proposal. Conversely, when I have been involved or mediated conflict resolution and let questions drive my conversations to resolve conflict; I had better perspective of their interest points. Therefore, it was easier to find solutions that made both parties happy and allowed each person to move forward in a positive manner.

1. In my opinion, the conflict described between John Lawrence and his father is a content conflict. Their conflict, developed from the differences and individual beliefs regarding what was an appropriate way of expressing affection or love, specifically, to John’s sister. In my opinion, John’s conflict style was avoidance. Alternatively, John’s father conflict style is competition. John’s father was highly assertive in pursing his goal that John must express his love towards his sister. I agree with John and the way he handled a stressful situation with his father. I think by John avoiding...

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