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Henry Ford said “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” (Ford n.p.) but what happens when a leader can’t find his own faults. In the following pages an example of a bad leader will be given. Then once the stage is set, a short analysis of his leadership behavior will be reviewed with support showing why the behavior is bad. Lastly, recommend course of action to improve a bad leader’s leadership skills.
Detail the experience
While stationed in Korea, the Operations Superintendent, hereinafter Sergeant Snuffy, left a lot to be desired. Sergeant Snuffy was of a different mindset than his peers. He was a do as I say and not as I do kind of leader. Sergeant Snuffy was very vocal about what he wanted ...view middle of the document...

With this example it makes one wonder if there was something along Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that was missing. Even taking a look at Herzberg’s Hygiene and Motivational factors, nothing still screams “this is what is wrong with me” for Sergeant Snuffy. However, it was a good thing Sergeant Snuffy was not in a position to be required to be a visionary but he could have set goals. Goals could have been set to help the operations floor run more effective and efficient but nothing was ever forthcoming from him.
Lit reviews to argue the behavior as being negative
The characteristics of Sergeant Snuffy presented compared to all the material learned in this class indicates a bad leader. Some of the characteristics in our reading of a good leader are visionary, good communicator, good problem solver, and inspiring to name a few (Clark, 2013). None of these characteristics would be something one would attribute to Sergeant Snuffy. An article in Business and Society Review mentioned a few qualities more befitting to Sergeant Snuffy. They are lazy, maladrott, …..also can be tyrannical megalomantacs.” (Green, 2012).
A leader should be setting the example, just not any example but a good one that helps a company grow and be productive. In a Forbes Magazine article, a listing of identifiers for bad leaders translates to this example; “When Leaders fail to lead themselves” goes back to him not being able to set an example and or just to his own job (Myatt para 6). We also learned that a leader should foster a good working environment but no such thing existed under Sergeant Snuffy. Greg Beaubien (2010) said in an article on the effect of power to leadership that “Instead of being polite, honest and empathetic, leaders become impulsive, reckless and rude.” ( p19).
Recommendation for Strengthening Leadership Behavior
A first recommendation for improvement for Sergeant...

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