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It was a normal morning in New York City. People were starting to leave their apartments and getting ready for another busy Monday at work. Baldric White was walking down Columbus Avenue. He was wearing his ordinary black suit, nothing really fancy, but still classy. He was heading to work, and as always, decided to walk. He enjoys walking in this cold February weather, watching everybody go to work and continue with their busy lives. This particular morning, Baldric had gotten up early, he didn’t wanted to be late for work. He had being waiting for this day all of his live. He passed the local shops and took his normal route to work. The streets were still empty, which made his trajectory easier. He took a left on fifty-seventh street and then turned on fifty-eighth. He kept walking, until he reached Central Park south. Thats why Baldric loved working in the Podunk Times, the spectacular view from his office to the famous green grounds was simply priceless.
He reached the entrance of the ten story grey building. He pulled the door open and instantly smelled that warm freshly baked donut odor coming from the cafeteria. He took his coat off and headed for the elevator. He clicked the up button and waited for about thirty-seconds for the lift to arrive. Once he entered he clicked on the sixth floor, thats were most of the journalist like him worked. Finally the doors open and the familiar ding sound was heard. Baldric said hi to all his colleagues, but he wasn’t really paying attention to them, he was focused on something else. He kept walking and passed his office, he was heading to his boss, Bob Jackson, office. Once he got there, Baldric saw that he was sitting drinking his usual double shot expresso coffee, when he opened the door.
“Good morning boss,” said Baldric.

“Good morning Baldric, please, have a seat,” he replied pointing at the chair in front of him.
“How was your weekend?” Mr Jackson asked.

“It was calm as always,” Baldric replied.

“ Im glad to hear that. As you know, today is a very special day. Since you are one of my finest journalist in this building, I want you to write a story on the famous billionaire, Gregorio VanMunsch, and his donation to medical research” he said.

“And, what makes this investigation so special?” Baldric asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“It’s special because if you write a solid and a good story that people like, then you will be granted the promotion of becoming vice-president of the Podunk Times,” Mr. Jackson replied.

Baldric was thrilled, he had been waiting for this position for years. The Podunk Times is a very famous firm, and if he really got to be vice-president of the company, his name would be well known around the nation. So Baldric quickly accepted the job, without showing any emotion and headed outside with his briefcase. He was headed to the VanMunsch administration building were Gregorio was giving a press conference about his new projects and donations towards advanced...

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