Bayonets, Battles, And Betrayals Essay

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Not long after Franklin’s death and the bloody massacre at Pensacola, news of General Washington's death reached New Orleans. The Patriots, finally reaching an agreement with the Spanish and the French, were frantically trying to find a new leader that could fill the enormous shoes of his predecessor. The rebels’ first choice was Benedict Arnold, but after his leg was shattered at Pensacola he was unable to walk. After weeks of countless meetings and hours of deliberation, the Sons of Liberty picked Harry Brown to be the leader of the new Continental Army. At first, a handful of people were outraged that an unknown British major would be leading the armies of three nations against the world’s most powerful empire. The angry generals’ fears were quelled after Harry Brown roused the beaten tired militiamen into a once again fierce fighting force. The young commander proved his invaluable worth yet again when he sailed back to Pensacola and easily claimed the British stronghold that had been the setting for an American massacre just weeks before. Everyone, from the soldiers in his command to his highest ranking superiors remarked that he had “ the mind of a genius and the heart of a warrior”. They said that his strong leadership was akin to General Washington’s, and that his mind rivaled that of the late Benjamin Franklin. But somewhere along the new commander’s rise to greatness the once revered Benedict Arnold faded into the background, and in his scorned and bitter eyes this was an insult that could not be forgiven.

After a cannonball cannibalized his already injured leg, Benedict Arnold was deemed “ unfit for physical labors and all field work”. In order to allow him to remain a member of the American army, the combative former general was given a stationary command outside of Philadelphia. Arnold could barely contain his sheer fury at being handed a nearly permanent desk job after giving his loyalty, his liberty, and his life to the Patriot’s cause. For Benedict Arnold being told that he was no longer wanted or needed by the...

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