Beach Replenishment Plans And Problems Essay

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Beach Replenishment Plans and Problems

Imagine sitting on the beach on a bright sunny day, ocean water dripping and gently being air-dried on one’s skin by the cool ocean breeze. It seems to be a feeling of paradise for many. Year after year, individuals from all parts of the east coast flood to the shore for at least one weekend every summer to rest, relax and create great memories with friends and family. However, nearly every year some form of natural disaster occurs and washes away a good amount of the beaches. There are tropical storms, hurricanes and nor’easters that leave shortened beaches, destroyed jetties and docks, and occasionally flooded houses and buildings. A great amount of worry has evolved that over time these islands will become smaller and smaller until eventually, they are gone.
Most coastal towns and islands rely on tourism to succeed and make a living. There are many family run businesses, restaurants and small shops that keep the islands alive in the summer. These shops attract visitors and locals and thrive off of the money acquired from these guests. If at any time there is a drop in the amount of tourists throughout the summer, there is a subsequent decline in profits within these towns and communities. Since most individuals come to these islands mainly for the beach, there is much worry that with each storm there will be smaller, less enjoyable beaches and tourism rates will fall to a record low.
Governors, mayors, the president and those who live within the affected towns have been discussing the numerous plans that could be initiated to help with beach replenishment. There are cost efficient plans that would take a great deal of time and effort and very costly plans that would take about the same amount of time. However, these costly plans would not have to be repeated as often. Ultimately, Mother Nature will continue to run her course and the damages are out of our hands. For this reason, many believe that all of the plans are foolish and a waste of time. The question at hand is what will happen to the beaches, the vacation sites, houses and personal properties of individuals, businesses, memories, and livelihoods of those who live in these areas if we allow nature to take over.
Audience Analysis
This paper is intended for individuals that live on islands or coastal communities along the East Coast. These should be readers that are affected by the problems or could be affected in the near future by the beach replenishment projects. They should have an understanding of the problems being faced as well as the possible temporary solutions to these problems. The individuals should be willing to think about the issues at hand in depth and broaden their perspectives on what can be done. Additionally, this paper is suited for people that frequently visit the shore towns and would like to be involved in as well as aware of the issues faced in the vacation destinations of their choice. The readers...

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