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Anybody and everybody can become an industrial machinery mechanic; especially, those who are passionate about getting their hands plastered in motor oil, grease, and other mechanical lubricants. These people will more than likely be ecstatic about getting into industrial machinery mechanics. They need to be able to put in one hundred ten percent of their effort into becoming an industrial machinery mechanic. An industrial machinery mechanic’s overall objective on the job is to stop a mechanical error before it happens. An industrial machinery mechanics are often caught repairing, maintaining, and fabricating machinery. They will be required to have certain education and training as well as some on the job training or complete an apprenticeship program. They will receive many benefits for working in this particular field.
There are a lot of educational requirements as well as training one must take on the job training. They would like it if you have taken high school courses like appliance repair, blueprint reading, drafting, equipment maintenance and repair, as well as physical education. Apprenticeship programs are available and on the job training, as well as having a High School Diploma or a General Education Diploma (GED) is required. A typical day on the job would include the employee to put on their safety gear (e.g. work gloves, coveralls, safety helmet, boots, respirators or some sort of ventilation etc.). Some employers may ask if you have any type of degree in a field related to the job. College is required if you do not have any work experience and you want to be a supervisor. It will cost anywhere from $6,292.00 to $18,892.00 for tuition, $1,270.00 for books and supplies $2,580 for personal transportation, and $7,616 for room and board if student choses to live on campus.
You would earn about $30,280.00 to $60,860.00 in Idaho, $35,740.00 to $79,030.00 in Nevada, $37,570.00 to $85,208.00 in Washington a year. With these wages, employees could easily provide for a family of four.
Repairing, maintaining, fabricating all machinery requires the employee to have logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and be able to manage people, tasks, time, things, and themselves. Knowing how to take apart machinery, and put it back together exactly the way it was before, is a big part of this job. Let us say we are both industrial machinery mechanics I am your employee and I thought I fixed a front-end loader for a mine. I took it apart ran some tests on the engine I diagnosed the problem the oil filter was plugged up. I then took apart off the hood found the oil filter and I started to take it out. They test broken down machinery using computerized diagnostic programing, these particular programs designed to run various tests and find the problem in the machine. It is very important that as an industrial machinery mechanic keeps records of what they repaired, how long it took to repair the machinery, and how much the repair cost. They know how...

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