Pros And Cons Of Integrating Knowledge Management System And Crm Solution

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This paper reflects on an article about the integration of knowledge management system and CRM solution, its benefits and downside. In general a critical evaluation of how this relates to my understanding of the theoretical concepts of knowledge management, how KM creates value to organizations and its impact on business models.
The article discusses the challenges of integrating Knowledge Management Systems and technologies and why organizations should look into reviewing their business models to balance and maximize the value of integrating KM systems and technologies. It suggested an approach focused on balancing data and insights and also provides a contrast on the benefits and risks of the integration. I have decided to focus this reflection on 3 arguments as follows:


1. Theoretical Concept of Knowledge Management Systems: Delineation of terminologies.

The author did not describe or define KM and CRM giving a conflicting understanding of his ideas and perspective. His reference of KM and CRM are inconsistent, he used systems, solutions, applications and databases, when referring to KM and CRM yet unclear whether he meant the same thing.

As I relate this to what I have read about Knowledge Management, I begin to question what he really meant with KMS and CRM. From what I’ve studied, CRM is a KM system, a technology that develops knowledge about customers’ individual preferences and needs using knowledge repositories and knowledge discovery techniques. (Jashapara, 2004). Further to this, knowledge management system is defined as systems that manage organisational knowledge processes. (Jashapara, 2004). In this article, I think he sees KM as databases, policies, procedures and other information captured from the experience and expertise of people. (Fenn, 1996, cited in Chatti, 2012) and CRM as a front-end technology solution. Although there’s nothing wrong with what he meant, proper delineation would give the reader a clearer understanding of the article’s context.

(Attensity, 2014)

While doing my research, I found this interesting role-based workflow showing a database application that systematically captures internal and external information (captured from some KM technology tools) organizes and categorizes the knowledge-based information (knowledge repositories) enabling effective control of content and processes in distributed organizations. Knowledge Management System in action!

Knowledge Management is a complex concept; his idea can be conveyed clearly if he added an image/data or interpreted keywords based on how he wants to convey his idea.

Further reading, gives me the impression that he lacks the evidence to back up his points as he is just referring to names and position/title of people apparently CRM experts. Although this may come across as “people in authority are saying this and that.” Points raised lack credibility as for me, showing data or statistics is better than simply saying that,...

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