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Credit cards debt is the leading problems in the U.S. Credit cards are very easy to get because users can put their personal information and income in which sometimes it can be false and within minutes, hours or even days there are approve. Credit cards can either help to improve users’ lifestyle or they can leave them in debt, especially those who suffer from compulsive buying disorder. Compulsive buying disorder is considering a relatively recent psychiatric condition and its best classified as an impulse control (“Nothing”). “Shopaholics No More”, focuses on women dealing with their addictions to shopping and financial damages. Although, credit cards offer advantages, they also can become our worst enemy when it comes to buying or paying because unfortunately individuals who have an addiction to shopping leading them to serious debt.
Certainly, credit cards provide advantages for individuals when it comes to getting a new card. The advantages that the card offers is building up a credit history by paying the bills on time, getting discounts, rebates, or even reward points. “In addition, [users] have some protection if someone steals its credit card or information [and] in that situation, they can contact the card issuer, dispute any charges, and have that amount removed from the balance” (“Credit”). But not all the cards are the same this is because the terms of contract or issuer. It is important to create credit and to control your spending especially those with a shopping addiction because it is harder for them to pay off their credit cards. For instance, according to “Shopaholics No More” written by Christina tapper, “mention women that ended up being in debt: Nicki Patrie loves designer jeans and was in debt $40,000, Carolyn Vermont a frugal over spender was in debt $20,000, and Ginger Logan-Cannon a high-end shopper was in debt $120,000”. These three women were suffering from an addiction called shopping. Although these women had everything, they still wanted more.
Compulsive shopping is characterized by uncontrollable thoughts or impulses and can seriously leave families in debt. Donald Black, professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa City...

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