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Alcoholic anonymous is a voluntary self-help society started by Bill W and Dr. Bob Smith whose members represented different sections of society and who have a common problem of addiction to alcohol. It can also be considered as a social movement which worked on a menace that society was staggered with and which used unconventional methods to treat this plague. Addiction to Alcohol can be termed as a “Plague” as the medical professionals considered it to be a disease which was apparently treated in hospitals along with psychiatric help and isolation. However it can also be considered as a menace to the society as the addict caused intangible despair not only to himself but to his fellow family and society members. The opinion of the society on alcoholism was, that it was caused as a result combined of moral deterioration and an incurable medical condition. Hence addicts who were deprived of resources found help in charitable organizations and the others who sought help from medical community and psychiatrists were treated using medicines or they were limited to asylums . Thus Alcoholics Anonymous who wanted to address the problem of addiction treats Alcoholism as a disease that needs much more than just medicines like intervention of a superior power and self-control. This is because despite the medical and psychiatric intervention the addicts who turned sober did not remain sober for long after their treatments.

Alcoholics Anonymous was initiated by Bill Wilson who was an Army Veteran of WWII and later became successful stock broker and earned his way to make huge sums of money. Quite soon bewildered by success he was addicted to Alcohol which tormented his financial position and put his wife’s life in extreme distress. His addiction life made a swift turn when one of his friends from his younger days who also was an alcohol addict once telephoned him and desired to meet him. Bill was aware of his addiction and the trouble his friend had been facing. Very little did Bill know that this meeting would change his life. On arrival of his friend Bill saw in front of him an individual who had transformed from a slave to addiction to a master of soberness. His friend looked more bright and full of positive vibes, opposite to the bill’s condition . On enquiring his transformation by Bill, his friend revealed that he had been sober for a while and that he has found a religion . Bill was astonished by this fact and was not impressed by his friend. Bill laments as to how minimal God’s intervention has been in the wars that he had participated and in peace for mankind.
Bill then explains his friend’s situation that was a year ago and how exactly he feels the same, how helpless as a human he was to the addiction of alcohol, how his human “will” had failed and how the doctors had declared him incurable . And now his friend preaches to him as to how his surrender to the GOD guided him a ray of light at the end of the tunnel and freed him...

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