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Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of his historic presidency and his work as a political activist helping to change the United States of America into the great nation it is today. Teddy Roosevelt made many monumental decisions and made many projects a success because of his determination and his ideas to better our great nation.
Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City, New York. He was always as hard worker but after his father died during his second year at Harvard, which only inspired him to work even harder and continue on to a law degree at Columbia University. He was soon married to Alice Hathaway Lee, a woman from Massachusetts, and began to enter the realm of politics. Roosevelt was rising as a young new political star until one day, February 14, 1884, his wife, Alice died of Bright’s disease, and his mother died of typhoid. This saddened Roosevelt greatly, he moved to the Dakota Territory for two years and becoming a rancher and cattle driver then returning to politics in a big way when he returned. Although he lost the race for the mayor of New York City, he soon started an elite group known as the Roughriders becoming a war hero in the battle of and becoming the Governor of New York. He soon remarried to Edith Carow in 1886, with which he had several children. Teddy was elected as President William McKinley’s Vice President and after McKinley’s re-election and assassination in 1901, Roosevelt became the youngest President in the nations history. Many of the changes he made in his presidency are still clear to see today in everyday life. One of his first big initiatives was called the “Square Deal.” This deal helped to end the strikes going on around the country and put Americans back to work by giving them and their management what everyone wanted. This helped to get the people of the nation behind him and his decisions. It also led to Presidents in the future making similar deals. He had an anti-war mentality but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be prepared for the worst so he helped to create a massive navy, which supported the United States in being a military power. This way of thinking goes along with his famous quote, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” He sent the navy, know to many as the “Great White Fleet”, around the world on a tour. He also aided in the completion of the Panama Canal in half of the item estimated to complete it, letting ships go from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This changed the whole ordeal of shipping and no longer having to go around South America, instead just going through it. Having an anti-war mindset, Roosevelt helped to mediate the war between Russia and Japan and later he received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. This helped to lead the country into the future where we do not enter a war unless we are deliberately attacked or need to get involved. Teddy’s love for nature started at a young age and...

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