Board Of Directors: Structure, Mission And Its Functions

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The Board of Directors is the highest governing authority in a professional management structure. It is made up of two tiers of individual members who are elected by the shareholders of the corporation to establish corporate management related policies. These two tiers include individuals chosen from within the company such as manager, CEO or other daily worker of the company. The next tier involves chosen individuals that are outside of the company and considered to be independent. These individuals are also elected to make decisions on behalf of the corporations, more importantly public companies must have a Board of Directors in place. The Board of Directors mission is to set a fair representation of management and interests of shareholders for the corporation. The responsibility of the Corporate Director is to act on behalf of the corporation and make sure he/she is presenting its best interests at all times, participating in regular meetings of the Board of Directors, amending the Corporation’s bylaws or articles of incorporation, acting with the loyalty to the corporation and its members, approving some corporate activities which include contracts and agreements, asset purchases, and the election of new corporate officers. When electing personnel into these positions there is an invisible line that needs to be addressed regarding who will serve as a member on the Board. If you have too many internal representatives for the company serving as Directors, the Board will tend to make decisions more beneficial to management. On the other side, having too many external Directors may mean management can be left out of the decision-making process that in turn, will cause managers to feel alienated and leave, instead of a fair representation of both sides.
The structure of the organization is vital to its success. There are some recommendations about electing members like making equity owners of the company’s percentage equal to their position on the board. For example, if an equity owner of 100% should have a 100% say in the board meetings and may not want anyone else on the decision making board and simply rely on his/her own management for guidance and counsel. Another recommendation is to consider if you choose to go with an external investor. It is important that you have a third party who does not have a biased opinion involved in the process and who can assist in handling disputes within the board. This part may be overlooked in the beginning but is an important part to consider beforehand. The source also recommended not choosing a passive member to be on the Board. You want this member to be fully involved with the process at all times and doesn’t just show up to meetings and take up a valued seat. The number of directors chosen to serve on the board usually depend on the size of the business, but the amount is normally stated on the corporate bylaws. But for voting purposes the number of members elected should always be odd so...

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