Book Analysis Of "The Red Tent", By Anita Diamant.

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After reading Genesis 34, it tells the story of Dinah, Jacob's only daughter, who is forcibly taken and raped by a powerful prince. Later she is saved by her brothers, after a highly detailed planned guerilla strike, without Jacob's knowing. In "The Red Tent", there are many important themes in it, such as the red tent in the story, the marital dynamics of Jacob and his wives, and the relationships between Dinah and her mothers.In the novel, "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, the word no has no real meaning at all. "The Red Tent" retells the story as the coming together of two cultures and the desire of a woman to find love. Dinah was not raped, but Dinah had intercourse and later intermarried, showing no caution she allowed herself to be swept off her feet, blindly guided by her heart and her love.The tent in this story, and where the book depicts its name is very important, not only as a physical item, but also as a metaphor. The red tent is where the women gather and stay in each new moon in which time they have their monthly "flow".Diamant recognizes the fact that when women live or spend a lot of time together their menstrual cycles start to fall into sync with one another. In the novel, all the women start their menstrual cycles at the time of the new moon. As Dinah moves from different countries and experiences different cultures, her menstrual cycle changes. However, the nomad women's menstrual cycles are in tune with the moon and its cycles.When I first read the rules that stated that women had to be sent to a tent for the days during their menstrual cycle, I thought that those rules were very subjective, degrading and cruel towards women. The Red Tent changed my views on the subject thought. Instead, you see that the women are given a time of rest during their periods. Three days away from their chores and an opportunity to rejuvenate. They have three days in which they can connect with each other, tell stories, and share gifts. I realized that it was an empowering time, not a degrading one.The red tent was a place where the women of society could connect with one another, a place where they could celebrate their strengths, and carry on their cultures' traditions. It is a very private world for women, since no man was ever allowed to enter the tent, so women felt safe among each other. Even when the tent itself is gone and there is no one to continue carrying on the traditions, there will always be a red tent that exists among women when they choose to look for it and turn to each other for strength, time to connect and talk about problems with each other.Throughout the novel, Jacob develops many different relationships with each and every one of his wives. His first wife, Leah, is his partner in keeping the camp. She manages the cooking and the children, making sure that their...

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