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At first, many people were in shock and did not know what to do. Some civilians ran for safety while others ran to aid those greatly affected by the blasts and unable to help themselves. In total 264 people were injured, 14 of those had lost limbs, and three were killed. It was said that if this act of violence would have happened anywhere other than Boston, the outcome of the events could have easily been much more tragic. Boston has several hospitals in close proximity to the finish line. (Bodden, 2014
During the investigation in determining who was responsible for this act, it will be determined that the bombers are linked to a triple homicide. They will kill in an attempt to evade being captured at all possible costs and to not pay for what they have done to other human beings.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev was born in Russian territory of Kalmkia. Tamerlan is the oldest of the two brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. Married to an American woman named Katherine Russell who converted to Islam and gave birth to Tamerlan’s daughter. Tamerlan will also be discovered to be responsible for playing a role in triple homicide known as the Waltham murders. Tamerlan was an excellent boxer that was denied the ability to compete in a U.S. competition due to a lack of U.S. citizenship. Russian officials informed U.S. officials to look into Tamerlan because he was discovered to be meeting with radicalized groups and known Russian radical militant. Tamerlan was the leader of the two brothers and authorities wondered if he put fear in his younger brother to follow and obey. Tamerlan was killed in a gun fight with officers only after killing a MIT police officer in an attempt to take the officers fire arm. Tamerlan is considered a lone wolf who has self-radicalized through videos and magazines promoting jihad. (Bodden, 2014)
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is the younger of the two brothers responsible for the bombings at the marathon. Dzhokhar is also suspected of being involved in the triple homicide known as the Waltham murders. It is thought that he is told what to do by his older brother because he looked to his older brother as a father figure. Dzhokhar made an escape after a gunfight with police that put a whole city on lock down for hours. Later, a resident that was checking on his boat, found him hiding under the cover inside the boat. When he was found he was badly wounded but Dzhokhar survived and is awaiting trial. There are some implications to evidence and his confession because Dzhokhar was not read his Miranda rights when initially questioned and admitted to the bombings. A judge read the rights at a later date during his initial hearing. (Bodden, 2014)
Ibragim Todashev was determined to be a third suspect in the Waltham homicides but was not involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Todashev is also a Chechen native who knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev and was friends with one of the Waltham victims. During an interview with FBI...

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