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Meditation is one of the practices that many religious and non-religious people use today. In Christianity, meditation is looked at in a form of prayer. When someone prays to God, they are meditating on their thoughts towards God. In Islam meditation is similar with Christianity. Meditation to them is reciting the Qur’an five times a day, which helps them to become closer to God. In Hinduism, they practice meditation by sitting down and reciting mantras, or in other forms is known as yoga. The Hindu meditation focuses more on physical needs and becoming closer in touch with the Brahman. All these meditations practices seems to all center on focusing to become closer to a higher being. This is what makes meditation in Buddhism much more unique. When they meditate they put all focus one think like their breath. In this sense, they hope to achieve mindfulness and freedom from the circle of life and death. This is what makes Buddhist meditation so unique (www.news-medical.net).
Some might say that meditation was what truly kick started the Buddhism religion. It all started with a prince by the name of Siddhartha Gautama who had never even seen all the bad things that the outside world had in store for him. One day he went outside the palace to see what the outside world was like and came a crossed four signs that shook him with fear (old age, disease, death and a religious mendicant). After seeing these signs he ran away from his palace to go seek a way that he could escape his fear of this worlds suffering and death. He met with many wise religious teachers and practiced all of their teachings. He was not pleased with his results so he went to try and find his own methods of finding enlightenment. He tried holding his breath for long periods of time and fasting himself for long periods of time in hopes that he would find enlightenment through his pain. After doing this for a long period of time, he realized he was achieving nothing and decided to quit. He then went on his journey and found a sacred tree and called the Bodhi Tree and said he was going to sit and meditate there until attained enlightenment. While meditating under the tree he experienced three things. The first thing he experienced was seeing the past lives of his previous reincarnation. His second experience he saw how doing good things and bad things will affected where you are put in your past life. His third and final experience he achieved nirvana, which meant he would never have to be reborn again. After meditating under the Bodhi Tree for many days, he finally became the Buddha. This is why many Buddhists today practice meditation, because they to hope to achieve enlightenment (Robinson 1997, 14-18).
Many might as what is the goal to meditation? Some Buddhists might say that the goal of meditation help you take a break from all other goals and to help you focus and appreciate where you are in the present time. Most people think the correct way to meditate is to sit in the...

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