Can Video Games Change People's Behavior

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Another skill that kids and teenagers can develop from playing video games is problem solving and creativity. This skill can also benefit kids and teenagers because they would be able to come up with creative ways to solve various puzzles and any other problems. This can benefit kids and teenagers in real life because it will help them to think outside the box and to be more creative than usual. The type of real life situations that this skill can be useful for would be school projects, presentations and the way they might want to dress. The games that kids and teenagers can play to improve this skill would be “Angry Birds” or “Cut the Rope.”
Furthermore, another one of the main positive effects of video games is that it can help kids and teenagers improve their social skills. Since modern games allow you to play with people around the world and work together and cooperate with each other, improving social skills shouldn’t be a problem. Also, while experiencing this kids and teenagers can also establish friendships with multiple people at a time. From experience video games can improve your social skills to a point that a person can meet people and have a longtime friendship with other individuals to a point where you would meet them in person. So from reviewing this statistic out of many different ones this would be one of the most accurate.
Additionally, another positive effect video games can have is they may be able to decrease a person’s aggression. For this positive effect to occur a person would have to develop better social skills and interact with more people. When they do they can meet people that they can play with and the game will become less frustrating for them and more fun. Also, from experience having online friends to play the game with makes the game more fun and the game won’t feel very frustrating at all. In Addition, kids and teenagers can use video games to release aggression and frustration.
According to “” video games can give introverted kids a chance to exert a dominant behavior or try a different personality that they don’t use in their everyday lives. From looking at this statement this is a good statistic to reference from because it’s well put and it has some truth behind it. Some kids but mostly teens use video games to act differently than they normally do in their everyday lives. Also, from experience people absolutely act different when playing video games online with other people and friends. So this would also be a positive effect as well because kids and teenagers get to explore different
Personalities, become more social and even find their true personality during the process.
Even though most games deal with shooting, fighting, and killing some games actually have some educational value towards them. Games such as “Call of Duty,” “Battlefield,” and any type of army games give some sort of in sight on how the army actually is. Also, people can say that they can learn plenty...

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