Can Con Regulations Toward A Better Canada

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Many scholars have a notion that children and teens are highly susceptible to being influenced by the media due to their lack of real world experiences (Scharrer, 1957). With such a high population of young people in Canada we must be aware of the content broadcasted through mass media to encourage a more “Canadian” youth. Canadian television, films, and radio alike are often compared to that of American media, which contains highly identifiably American substance. Thus, Canadian identity and culture is greatly influenced by content derived from the USA. Otherwise, Canada has rich and diverse culture with its own economic systems, political ideologies and processes, ways of life and social mores (StatsCan, 2013). Therefore, it is up to Canadian regulations to motivate its citizens towards embracing a more Canadian identity and deter from Americanization. This paper will explore ways in which the Canadian music industry will help define and influence national identity as well as the political and societal benefits that will accompany implemented regulations. . Regulations of Canadian content defined using the MAPL system should be implemented by the CRTC to support Canadian ingenuity, values, and politics in order to form a more homogenous Canadian identity through music.
When radio was first introduced in Canada it was privately owned, this gave leeway for American companies to absorb the rights to broadcasted content. The Prime Minister at the time, R.B. Bennett became convinced that the “existing system of private radio would almost inevitably lead to the Americanization of a crucial cultural industry.” (Vipond, 2000, p. 41). Therefore regulations were implemented to “contribute to the development of national unity and provide a continuing expression of Canadian identity” (Lorimer, Mcnulty, 1991, p. 170). According to Professor Miller of Wilfred Laurier University (2013) the Broadcasting Act of 1968 was created by the Board of Broadcasting Governors to ensure broadcasting should be owned and controlled by Canadians and that its content should be beneficial to Canada. Since its enactment, Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission then replaced the BBG and have updated the Broadcasting Act multiple times since its enactment. Some regulations within the Broadcasting Act include; broadcast and telecom companies must not exceed 20 percent direct foreign ownership, or 33 percent indirect ownership through holding company (Miller, 2013). Furthermore, 35 percent of all radio musical content must be Canadian, however, the quota for some licensees such as classical music is only 10 percent (Salter, 2008).
The system implemented as defined by the CRTC website (2008) to determine what should be considered Canadian is called the MAPL system. The MAPL system is comprised of four factors, of which at least two must be fulfilled to qualify as Canadian content. The first is music; this means the song must be composed entirely by a Canadian. Secondly,...

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