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Personally this project has been an eye opener for me. It has also told me a lot about my personality, traits and quality’s. It has displayed my strength and weaknesses, and how to use them to my advantage. My councilor was Matt Hetzel, I met with him twice. Once on March 4th at 10am and the second was on March 5, 2014 at 8:30am. Mr. Hetzel, is in the business department, he was a very helpful and insightful, he knew this process and was able to explain in great detail what these test scores tell us and how to use them to your advantage in the future like job interviews.
First off reviewing the four test to complete the “MyPlan” package my first test was the personality test. In this test I found out some word to describe myself. Friendly, expressive outgoing and confident. I believe this to be true and very accurate, because I am 97% Extroversion. Some strengths consist of working well with others and being convincing. My weakness were depending on group work for affirmation and motivation and I have a hard time focusing for long periods of time. Now not everyone wants to admit to their weaknesses but in the instance in a job interview, if you are able to acknowledge your weaknesses the put the company or person hiring you in a spot to where they can put you in a situation and job where you can eliminate your weakness and only encourage and strengthen your strengths. IT also shows them that you know yourself well and that could be the small detail that makes you stand out from other in a competitive interviewing process. I n the rest of the personality test I found in the results that I am intuitive, feeler, and a judger. This means that I could be described as inventive, creative, compassionate, considerate, decisive and in control. My personality strengths include, Are decisive and brings issues to closure, Seek consensus and agreement, and Grasp the big picture and are constantly asking "why?". With knowing this my weakness are, Follow hunches too often without...

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