Case Study Of Client With Public Speaking Anxiety

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Case Summary
Ethical/Legal Issues
During the initial session I discussed with the client the following issues since this was her first experience working with a coach for example autonomy, truth, confidentiality avoiding harm and respecting the rights of others (Passmore, 2009). Additional topics that I discussed include professional conduct at large, conflict of interest, and privacy (International Coach Federation). One thing that I made very clear to my client from the start is that I am a novice or as Vaughan – Smith put it coach in training (2006).
A second issue that was discussed was that of client notes since it is a record with the client’s name and that they have the right to ask to see it at any time my notes included a list of the client’s goals and the actions for future reference (2006). A copy of the ethical issues that were discussed during the initial session was provided to the client which I thought would reassure her that I am a novice practitioner as recommended by Vaughan – Smith.
Coaching Plan
Working Alliance.
Coach’s goals.
Client’s goals.
Assessment Tools
Emotional Intelligence. According to Howard Gardner your Emotional intelligence refers to “the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them” (as stated in Akers & Porter, 2007). The areas that are covered in this assessment include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills (2007). Some elements in the self-awareness section include emotional awareness for example your ability to recognize your own emotions and their effect and sureness about self-worth and capabilities whereas self-regulation involves things such as managing disruptive impulses, being open to new ideas, and taking responsibility for your own performance (2007). Motivation deals with how one strived to improve or to meet a standard of excellence, and pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks whereas empathy deals with sensing what others need to progress and bolster their abilities, and discerning the feelings behind the needs and wants of others whereas social skills deals with people skills such as communication, conflict management, building blocks, and collaborations and cooperation (2007).
MBTI Personality Test. The MBTI measured a person’s preference based on personality traits (2010). Knowledge obtained from MBTI research provides a type of empowerment in that individuals can (a) achieve insight into their sources of energy, information gathering, decision making, and personal lifestyle or orientation; (b) strengthen interpersonal relationships based on an objective view of individuals' underlying rationales for their reactions to highly charged emotional issues; (c) gain opportunity to consider different ways of meeting objectives; and (d) find encouragement toward more constructive and complementary uses of their preferences and differences.
Self – Assessment of Speech...

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