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Christmas is only a few weeks away and more than any other time of the year, thousands of people in need are looking forward for the help of the Salvation Army. The members of the Salvation Army are impatient to worship and listen to the Holy Spirit and once again follow the steps of their mother of the Army, Catherine Booth. There are more than 1.5 million Salvationists across the Europe and the United States, helping people in need for physical and spiritual salvation. In 1865, William Booth, a British Methodist preacher, found the Salvation Army with the help of his wife Catherine Booth, who later was known as the mother of the Salvation Army. Their mission, with the values of hope and justice, was to transform the lives of people, especially those in need for spirituality. “ Do you also follow Christ?” was Catherine’s Constant question to her listeners. The causes of Catherine Booth’s success in her life can be summarized in three stages of: her upbringing, her religion and desire to follow Jesus Christ, and her marital life that gave her the opportunity to serve in the Salvation Army.
The best gift that anyone can ask for in life is, to have a good and spiritual mother, and Catherine was blessed with this gift. From childhood, Catherine was very spiritual and followed the Bible and set Jesus Christ’s teachings for her guidance in life. Catherine had an exceptional relationship with her mother in every stage of her life and she had a major contribution to Catherine’s religious life. “Parents who love God best will not allow their children to learn anything which could not be passed into his service” Catherine said years later. As little as she was, her mother, Mrs. Mumford, started to give Catherine, some life lessons that she carried on through her entire life. To mention a few, Love for God and Jesus Christ, Truthfulness, and the fact that human bodies will not live forever, were as such, which Catherine learned from her mother. “Spiritual things were even then real to her, just because they were so real to her mother. Heaven was home to her, and Jesus her best friend”. Catherine also enjoyed reading. “She read books such as explanations of the Bible, books about holiness, soul saving, lives of those who have had lived and worked for God and so on”. The Bible however, was her all time desire to read. By the age of twelve, she had already read the Bible eight times. She always believed that she was a child of God, so from the very beginning and as a child, she was committed to love and serve God and spread the word of Jesus Christ.
Catherin’s religion and her desire to follow Jesus Christ never stopped. Christ was her motivation and her commitment to express and expansion of Christianity was strong. “ I feel that this full salvation is very necessary if I am to glorify God, and find my way to heaven. I want a clean heart. Lord take me and seal me,” she wrote in her diary. Catherine was hungry for a holy life and she believed that she...

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