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There are many universal truths in the world that reflect both today’s society and show up in different plays like The Crucible. People often “cave in” to “authority” figures for fear of being socially isolated; this is one of the many universal truth quotes. This quote is true in today’s society and in The Crucible. The quote says how people often give in to people with more power then them in the fear of being socially isolated.
In The Crucible Abby has had all the power since act 1. She made Tituba cave into telling Hale that she had seen the devil and made her confess to witchcraft. (You have confessed to witchcraft Miller 15). At the very end of Act 1, Abby has more power than anyone does which makes everyone else believe anything she says. Therefore, she starts accusing many people of witchcraft along with Betty. This shows up in society in a high school. When someone gets too much power, everyone else starts to fear him or her because they do not want to be isolated or hurt by their words. A teenager with too much power can get out of control, as it did in The Crucible. Many people are blamed and hurt for something they did not do. More than 26% of high school students do not graduate per year due to bullying.
In act 2, Abby still is over powering everyone, which has now made them fear her. The main person that does not fear her is John Proctor. Proctor tries to fight Abby to take away her power but once Abby accuses Elizabeth, Proctors wife, of being a witch he slowly starts to cave. When Proctor realizes that he cannot let Abby win he tries to find people that will help him take Abby down, but he cannot find anyone that does not fear her. (She’ll ruin you with it, I know she will Miller 30). In today’s society not many people will stand up to someone that has a lot of power. Most the time people back down in fear of being isolated themselves. Over 14% of high school students have considered suicide and almost 7% have gone through with it due to someone ruining their life by bullying them. Bullying could be stopped but because everyone that could make a difference is too scared to stand up to that bully in fear of being bullied nothing really...

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