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In 1776, British colonists in the Americas were provoked to rebel by the parliamentary revenue system, British military actions toward the colonies, and the legacy of colonial beliefs and governmental philosophies.
After the Seven Years Way England was broke for she had spent more money needed to win the war. Also winning the war gave the colonist a “we can do it spirit”. However because England now was facing debt she decided to tax the colonies. One the first acts passed was the sugar act passed in 1764. This Act was the raise revenue in American colonies. What it did was lowered the tax from six penses to three penses per gallon on foreign molasses. Molasses is a product made by refining sugarcane, grapes or sugar beets into sugar. This upset the colonist because before the sugar act they didn’t have to pay the tax so even if it was lowered that meant nothing for they now had to pay for it. A year later, in 1765, the Britain’s passed another act known as the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act put a tax on stamped paper, publications, playing cards, etc. Because it was on all paper products in a way it affected everyone; from the papers for the upper class such as lawyers, publications such as newspapers for the middle class, and playing cards for the lower class for entertainment. Next, the Townshend Act passed by Charles Townshend. This came in 1767, which imposed taxes on colonial tea, lead, paint, paper, and glass which just like the Stamp Act affected all of the classes in the colonist in the Americas. Though this act was removed three years later in 1770, it still left colonists with a warning that conditions may become worse. Around 1773, parliament passed the Intolerable Acts one of those acts which affected taxation was the Boston Port Act; this stopped ships from going in until they paid back the East India Company. The reason for having to pay back was that some of the colonist dressed up as Indians and dumped 45 tons, £10 000 worth of tea, into the Boston Harbor. The Colonist however wanted to refuse to pay this for they felt that the taxes on the tea where too high and should not have to pay them. Not only were the taxes changed that provoked the colonist to rebel but also the military action toward the colonies.
As the seven year wars proves, England has a military and she will use it as she then does on her colonies in the Americas. On...

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