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Kevin Wade’s character, Lisa, in Key Exchange is a photographer who enjoys spending her weekend riding bicycles. She is a girl looking for someone to truly love her the way her father loved her mother. However, Lisa is in a complicated open relationship with Philip, an aspiring novelist. Lisa is having a difficult time with her relationship with Philip because she wants more and Philip just wants to keep things the way they are. The climax of this constant argument comes during scene six when Lisa asks Philip to come to dinner with her father and after they exchange their keys to each other’s apartments. Lisa is ready to commit where Philip is doing everything her can to stop it.
Throughout the play, Lisa does everything she can to please Philip in anyway she can. For example, in scene two Lisa picks up lunch for the biking group when Philip complains about the food, Lisa goes to get him a sandwich which makes her go out of her way for the one she cares about. She has even gone as far as making up different guys that she had been with so that Philip wouldn’t feel guilty about seeing other women while still maintaining their open relationship. She is willing to even read all of his writings even if they aren’t finished yet. All of these little things are just a few examples that show just how much Lisa loves him and is willing to do anything for him.
As a child, Lisa was able to witness the true and pure love of her parents. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and decided that it would be best if she said goodbye to her family before it got worse because she didn’t want her children to see her waste away. She remembers how her father went through hoops to get permits and permission to build a sandbox that was visible from her mother’s hospital window. By doing this Lisa’s mother was able to watch her children grow. As Lisa aged she seems to wish for someone to love her like her father loved her mother and how her mother loved her family so much she sacrificed them to protect them from a much more hurtful pain. This may attribute to why Lisa is the way she is and is okay with an open relationship. She did not have that motherly advice or motherly figure to tell her that she shouldn’t chase someone or to stopping pushing them to do something they may not want to. No one was there to tell her that if its meant to be it will happen but don’t go forcing for it or it won’t be what its suppose to be.
On the outside, Lisa is an outgoing, careless, almost emotionless girl. She is able to hold her own in conversations with Philip and Michael, be vulgar, and be part of an open relationship that is suppose to be without feelings. During the play, Lisa seems to just be one of the guys, which why she comes across as a very strong and independent character because she is the only female character in the play. Lisa is very passionate and dedicated to her work. When her and Philip do make up at the end of scene nine, she picks her work of developing film...

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