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• Longshore drift occurs as the movement of particles going in and out of the ocean causes these particles to move up and down the coast and beach. This movement forms the coastline at Point Peron. At Point Peron the longshore drift is heading in a Southerly direction, causing the particles to move down the beach as shown in the photograph below. The waves are coming onto the beach carrying particles of sand and small sediments such as shell pieces, which are deposited onto the beach before the water recedes. Along the Mandurah coast going northwards, the seasonal movement of sand is stopped by the construction of groynes. This causes the sand to build up on one side of the groyne.

• Constructive waves carry the materials that are laid down on the beach. This process forms the beaches. As the waves come into shore at Point Peron the deposition of sand and small sediments are placed on the beach. Over time this creates a larger beach and smoother sand.

• Destructive waves are large waves that carry more materials that crash into the mainland rock. This type of wave forms bays and headlands. Over time the waves break down the mainland into an arch, which then breaks off into a stack, and then breaks down into a stump. Eventually there is nothing left there. This process happens over a very long period of time. Destructive waves are very powerful and strong waves. They also break down sediments that come into the shore line.

• Erosion is the wearing away of rock by water and wind. This process occurs at Point Peron as erosion forms rock formations, arches, stacks and stumps much like destructive waves. Erosion has also caused the sand dunes to form from the wind blowing the sand into large mounds. Over a very long period of time, the wind has eroded away the rocks that have been deposited on the beach (as shown in the photograph below). Wind has also eroded away the headland. Over time this will cause the rocks to collapse and break down the land slowly.

• The swash is the water that goes up the beach from a wave. Over time the swash has smoothed the rocks and sand, creating a beach. The swash also deposits the sediments onto the beach.

• The back wash is the movement of water back down the beach. It stops the build-up of sand in one place and keeps the sand at a level surface. Also, the back wash can sometimes pick up sand from the beach and take it back out to the sea. The sand is then taken down the beach by the process of longshore drift or is taken back up to the beach in the next wave which comes into the shore.

The photographs and sketches illustrate the changes that are constantly occurring along the shore line of the peel coastlines.

Elements of cultural landscapes in the coastal areas in the Peel region are largely focussed on enhancing the quality of life of those who live there and/or protecting the modified environment that has been...

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